5 Things to Never Say in a Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful, knowing that the recruiter is calculating each of your words; however, the job interview is still an obligatory step to landing a job and so, being conscious of what you are about to say is just a must.

But at times it can be tough not to speak out what comes first to your mind; regardless of how long you prepared for the job interview, it is still possible to make inappropriate statements when sudden questions came.

Whilst there are many things you should say in a job interview, it may be more difficult to consider the things you should not say. However, this article is going to unveil a number of particular words you should try to avoid saying during a job interview.

1: “I don’t know”

Saying “I don’t know” is never ideal for a job interview. To avoid this, it is important to refresh yourself on the basic job interview questions that are commonly asked. Always come prepared and remember that research is the key. Try to dig deep beforehand into the company’s background including its vision, beliefs and priorities. Be certain too that you are familiar with the position you’ll be interviewed for. Hopefully, with enough preparation, you can avoid using these words for an answer. But if for some reason, you really do not know what to respond, then you could come up with counterquestion that might help you figure it out right on the spot.

2: “I’m not sure what my weaknesses are…”

It is a little similar to the previous one but let this be separated for this is a big chunk to consider. You know for sure that a question about your weaknesses will most likely be asked. Be sure to have it figured out since the interviewer already expects you to be able to answer this. Do remember that everyone has a work flaw; even professional essay writers have their own weaknesses. In able to answer this, think of an experience wherein you have struggled for your job and include points on how to overcome such issues. Being aware of yourself is not only a plus for the job interview: it will also come in handy for the future when you face challenging situations.

3:“How much holiday do you offer?”

Whether you want to plan ahead for a family gathering coming up in a few months or are just curious about the company’s vacation policy, just refrain from asking this question; it may leave your interviewer an impression that even before you get hired, you already want to release yourself with from any commitment – which will greatly harm your application.

4: “Ugh, my previous boss…”

No matter how terrible your past job has been, be aware that badmouthing your previous employer won’t harm them; it will only harm you instead. Handling complex situations – especially the conflicting ones – will also be observed during a job interview, so stop complaining. However, if you ever feel the need to mention such a scenario, then what you might do is including thoughts which display your problem-solving skills.

5: “I don’t have any questions”

Tip: don’t leave a job interview without asking even a single question; prepare a few questions to ask instead (but not too many!) as this demonstrates your interest in the job and the company. When you research the company, learn to jot down things you would like to know and things that might even apply directly to the job you’re eyeing. And just in case you forget doing so, you can ask questions about day-to-day responsibilities, the significant areas of growth within the role you’re applying for, and where the company hopes the new hire will be in 6 months. However, take note to only ask about matters that were not tackled during the job interview or those which needed better clarification; otherwise, your interviewer will think you are out of focus and were not listening.

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