Between 2010 and 2015, I have been shortlisted for one or more job interviews from the below 99 companies and organisations based in France, Italy, Spain and the UK*.

Out of these 99 companies, I have had a total of 120 job interviews, 76 in person and 44 over the phone or on Skype; 3 were group interviews, and 15 times the interview never took place for interesting reasons.

21 times I have been offered a job, a paid internship or a regular freelance position after the interview; I only accepted 6 offers.

The Shortlisted 120 Job Interviews in 99 Companies

© The Shortlisted – 2016

* This list doesn’t include the companies that have contacted me for irregular freelance assignments nor those that have shortlisted me for written tests or assessments but haven’t invited me for a job interview at the end. It doesn’t include either the companies or organisations I was interviewed from between 2003 and 2009 in Italy, France and Belgium. 

The recruitment agencies behind several of these roles are not mentioned here either, but please consider that I have also had additional and often appalling interviews with their sneaky bald recruiters, both for these and other positions for which I didn’t get the interview at the end. They all are not counted here.

This is purely a list of employers that shortlisted me for one or more telephone or in-person job interviews for permanent roles, temporary contracts and paid internships in that period of time.