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The Shortlisted™ is the UK’s 1st Independent Career Magazine: nothing but the truth about work and career.

We publish articles, how-tos, tips, artworks and honest celebrity interviews focussed on work and career, and reunite the best international specialist journalists.

Unlike the rest of career websites that are either job boards or being run by HRs, recruiters or career coaches, The Shortlisted Magazine is made by journalists and never blend content with advertising.

*The Shortlisted is not a blog.


About the founder and editor-in-chief*

Silvia Pingitore The Shortlisted MagazineSilvia is a multilingual journalist, novelist and illustrator with three books published nationwide in Italy, her native country.

After being shortlisted for over 120 job interviews, changing jobs all the time, eventually working as a CV writer and career advisor and helping over 100 people find their dream jobs, she founded this magazine to share career tips and the value of honesty.

She’s obsessed with The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, everything from Roald Dahl, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain, AS Roma, food chemistry, music lyrics, behavioural sciences, horizontal-striped clothes, birdwatching, San Francisco, Nike Air Max trainers, Take That, The Big Bang Theory, The BBC Apprentice, astrology, milk chocolate and Walt Disney Classics. And she suffers from Dyscalculia.

*She is not a blogger.


About the contributors

The Shortlisted Magazine relies on an international network of specialist journalists, writers and contributors providing a constant stream of high-quality exclusive content about work, employment and career, such as how-tos, checklists for job seekers and job changers, career tips, reports, stories and personal experiences.

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