The Shortlisted is a UK music and entertainment magazine founded in 2015 by an Italian writer and published by The Shortlisted Media Ltd.
It produces two main types of content:

1) Unique pop culture features you can’t stop reading.

2) Exclusive interviews with people like:
Back To The Future creator Bob Gale
Andrea Bocelli
– Paul Young
– Giorgio Armani
Dame Vivienne Westwood in defence of Julian Assange
– Prince’s director of 20 years Morris Hayes
– David Bowie’s pupil Ozark Henry
Katrina and the Waves of Walking on Sunshine
Lina Wertmüller
The Animals
The Sex Pistols
Amy Macdonald
The Jam
The Prodigy
Spandau Ballet
Skunk Anansie
Jeff Christie
Jah Wobble
The Lumineers
The Brand New Heavies
Imelda May
Suzi Quatro
Basil Brush

The Zombies
Ludovico Einaudi
– and counting…

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