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The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything

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After ages spent seeking expert advice on how to fund this website, we decided to screw pretty much all the advertising options you’ll see out there.

We find floating banners annoying, pay-per-click pointless, sponsored content dishonest and memberships treacherous.

Because we still respect things such as real journalism and conflict of interest, we have invented the most innovative and disruptive sponsorship model for the right brands to come and talk to an audience that is nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

• Only apply if you are not in the industry.

We are a career magazine but – believe it or not – we don’t accept job boards or career service providers as sponsors.

We are journalists, and our mission is to unveil the dark side of recruitment, HR and employment, so we don’t take money from the industry we are investigating and criticising.

This is why we only accept brands that have nothing to do with jobs and career.

We also believe that it would be much more fun for you to be pitched a self-lacing pair of shoes that will make you time travel (any resemblance to actual facts or movies is purely coincidental, and… roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads), instead of some boring career services.

Even though we cannot be held responsible for our sponsors’ labour and production practices, we strive to find partners and sponsors that respect the environment and treat their workers well in any country of the planet.
We would not partner with companies that don’t respect labour rights.

Honesty, is such a lonely word…

We don’t sell mere backlinks, we don’t sell fake reviews, we don’t interview people that have paid for the privilege: we never blend information with business.

Unless otherwise stated, all random mentions of brands in this magazine have not been financed by anybody; when it’s advertising, we clearly say it’s advertising; otherwise, it’s just personal – such as this insane lifelong obsession for bubble air trainers.

If you come and advertise with us, your brand will be given proper exposure and it will be made it clear that you are sponsoring us.

So if you don’t believe in our values and the importance of being Earnest, just don’t sponsor us.

• Sponsor the misfits and (finally) belong to them.

If you are wondering what the Shortlisted Magazine’s readership is like, just watch the amazing movie Bohemian Rhapsody and listen to what Freddie Mercury (played by Rami Malek) says when asked why Queen were different from other bands: “We’re four misfits who don’t belong together, we’re playing for other misfits They’re the outcasts right at the back of the room. We’re pretty sure they don’t belong either. We belong to them“.

Our magazine’s audience is mysterious to the point that it came as a surprise to us as well when we first analysed the data: our public is made up of a very unique combination of several thousands of individuals that fall in the tiny 2% to 3% “no category” market segment you can find in any consumer behaviour chart.

We managed to reach, group and retain the unreachable, ungroupable and unretainable, the “no category” segment group of free spirits, troublemakers and forward-thinkers who predicted 5 years ago the trends you are following today.

They don’t belong together, but this magazine belongs to them.

• The 3% “no category” segment, or The Sheldon Cooper effect

If you are decent at marketing, you’ll be way too disenchanted to have ever thought that offering Sheldon Cooper a new chicken soup without little frankfurter slices and homemade croutons was ever going to worth the effort.

The buying habits of the 3% “no category” segment are influenced by nothing but themselves and whatever they decide to trust.
And the best part is that the rest of the market will eventually end up following them.

Big Bang Theory fans wear Sheldon t-shirts because they all resemble Leonard Hofstadter.

As an independent magazine that earned its place in the weirdos’ hearts since 2015, we are connected to the ones you’re having the most trouble reaching, the ones you’d never dared to challenge because, in the first place, you had no idea where they were.
We have an audience you won’t find around, simply because they are not around.

Most of our readers are male and Millennials, and the top three countries are the UK, the US and Italy, but we have loyal readers in nearly every country of the world.
And we can get Sheldon Cooper to at least consider your offer.
By staying high-quality, disruptive and completely unique, we managed to find, reunite and keep this elusive and precious 3%.

• Sell different.

We want to offer our readers exposure to brands that are, have been, and will always be disruptive, unique and different.

Our know-how, journalism experience and contacts lead us to secure plenty of celebrity interviews generating continuous traction the right brands can benefit from, while being affiliated to the values of innovation, honesty and irreverence this magazine advocates.

Look at the sense of belonging conveyed by iconic brands in movies such as Back to the future, Forrest Gump, Cast Away and Bruce Almighty and you’ll get a clue about what we are looking for.

• Take the test and spot at least 3 slogans!

So the choice is yours but it’s probably broken. Eat away your feelings and when you get the London look, remember that quality never goes out of style. If where dreams come true you can live for now but still for the love of it, by the end of the day you’ll want to dare for more, more win, so finally you can think different. And after all this hard work, cheer yourself up and come on, let’s fly! But if really only the best is good enough for you, then just do it! Change the game and they will all melt in your mouth, not in your hand!

This silly essay contains slogans from 12 of the brands we would love to work with. Spot at least three without googling them, email your answers to [email protected] and see if you got it right. There’s no prize to win, but man, have a break, have a slo-gan!

You can also use the above email address for all business enquiries*.

*Obviously, if you misspell Silvia in Sylvia, Sylvie or any other exotic variations of the above, you’ll never get a response.

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