We separate advertising from content.

We are looking for 12 brands to sponsor this publication, our exclusive celebrity interviews and investigative journalism.
At this time, we are interested in the following industries and product categories:

1: Soft drinks
2: Automotive, motorcycles, skateboards
3: Sports footwear
4: Ice-cream, sweets and candies
6: Information technology & internet providers
7: Flying jetpacks
8: Jeans
9: Breakfast cereals
10: Coffee and chocolate
11: Airlines and bus lines
12: Makeup

No influencers here. No sponsored content. No hidden backlinks. No fake reviews. No pay-per-post or pay-per-click.
We have no time for this bullshit.
We are too busy doing real journalism and we want brands that understand this and are happy to be affiliated with the same values our journalism campaign for.
No negotiations. No tailored packages. No golden, silver and bronze options.
There is just one, non-negotiable, non-refundable, yearly flat rate, the same for every brand. You’re either in or you’re out. Simple as that.
In exchange for their support, brands will be offered literally everything we can possibly offer them.
Every single available advertising spaces on this website, our social media channels and newsletters will belong to them.
Their brand names will appear alongside our celebrity interviews, their logos will appear everywhere in this website, they’ll be official sponsors of anything and everything we’ll do for a full year without any further spending, they’ll be marketed to our audience in clever and creative ways.
We want brands who want to create a close bond with each and every one of our engaged readers.
For a full year

We have at least one brand in mind for each and every category listed above. If you have read enough on this website, you’ll easily guess what sort of brands may work here.
If you can’t read, go and watch Back to the Future. We are interested in the sort of stuff Marty McFly would drink, wear and drive.
If you work for any of these companies, tell your marketing manager that if they don’t contact us straight away, we’ll sell the space to your worst competitor and enemy.
Once we have placed our 12 sponsors, sponsorship sales will be closed for a year.
The sales campaign isn’t open yet, but you’re welcome to express your interest now.

Drop a line to [email protected] trying not to misspell Silvia in Sylvia, Sylvie or any other exotic variations of the above.

The joy of not being sold anything by Banksy

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