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Yeah, the series 13 of the BBC Apprentice kicks off this Wednesday 4th October at 9 PM on BBC1, and my usual player ratings are ready to go.

And oh, just in case you were wondering, yes, you should definitely be listening to me, since I predicted the winners for two years in a row, and I’ve also interviewed both Joseph and Alana for my Frank Interviews 😉

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“The trio is the biggest sound you can have with the smallest unit.” Quote by Charlie Hunter

The Shortlisted’s Official Player Ratings
of the BBC Apprentice 2017 candidates


Andrew Brady

He is a Project Engineer. He says:

“I’d liken myself to Clark Kent.”
You know what, I like his little face and his unpretentious way of being. Let’s give him a chance.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 7/10


Anisa Topan

She owns a PR Fashion Agency. She says:

“I like telling people what to do…I’m a kind of control freak… just because I like the control.”
Sorry, I’ve seen too many control freaks pissing everybody off at work. And in life.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 4/10

Anisa Topan_The Apprentice 2017


Bushra Shaikh

She is the owner of a clothing company. She says:

“First of all, I’m a mother. And a Muslim. And I’m young. And now it’s definitely my time”
And Lord Sugar is looking for a business partner. Not a factotum.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 3/10

Bushra Shaikh_The Apprentice 2017


Charles Burns

He runs a number of businesses in different industries. He says:

“I don’t know anyone any age that has done what I’ve done at 23, not even at 53. I’m a third-generation business owner of a jewellery store that is 120 years old.”

Never met anyone boasting that much about their family’s money. Upper-class hero.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 0/0

Charles Burns_The Apprentice 2017


Danny Grant

He owns an online retail store. He says:

“I’m loyal. I don’t get on with people with a stick up their a**e.”
I do like him, but I’ve seen too many laid-back candidates getting fired for messing around without delivering anything.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6/10

Danny Grant_The Apprentice 2017


Elizabeth McKenna

She owns a florist chain. She says:

“I’ve got feet as big as my mouth ”
I strongly believe that the things you choose to focus on end up defining you…

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 4/10

Elizabeth McKenna_The Apprentice 2017


Elliot Van Emden

He owns a law firm. He says:

“I’ve been a Conservative since the age of 16”, “I’m ruthless in business.”
He says plenty of terrible things with this big smile on the face. He scares me.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 2/10

Elliot Van Emden_The Apprentice 2017


Harrison Jones

He is a Sales Executive He says:

“You gonna remember this name: Harrison Jones”, “My mum used to tell me I was the chosen one.”
Yeah, a lot of waffle and big statements, I agree. But at least he doesn’t throw the others under the bus.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 8/10

Harrison Jones_The Apprentice 2017


Jade English

She is a PR & Marketing Manager. She says:

“I think you regret the things you don’t do more than the things you can try and fail at.”
Either she is a good candidate or a total fake, I don’t know. Let’s give the girl a chance.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6/10

Jade English_The Apprentice 2017


James White

He owns a recruitment company. He says:

“I’m a very good-looking guy”, “There’s more than my pretty face”, “I would rate myself 9 out 10.”

so, The Shortlisted’s verdict is: 0/10

James White_The Apprentice 2017


Jeff Wan

He is a Business Analyst and a semi-pro hip-hop dancer. He says:

“Lord Sugar is a winner. When I was a kid I was told: if you want to be a winner, you stick with the winners.”
No opinion whatsoever, but I like that he is a dancer, so let’s see him in action.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6/10

Jeff Wan_The Apprentice 2017


 Joanna Jarjue

She is a Digital Marketing Manager. She says:

“My natural face looks like I want to kill someone.”
I wonder why they put at least one individual like this in each and every series.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 0/10

Joanna Jarjue_The Apprentice 2017


Michaela Wain

She owns a business in the construction industry. She says:

“I’m not schmoozy and businessy. I’m just so normal.”
And it’s fine, girl, it’s fine. But don’t forget that Lord Sugar is looking for someone outstanding, not normal.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6½/10

Michaela Wain_The Apprentice 2017


Ross Fretten

He is a Digital Product Consultant. He says:

“I have no role model. I do what I want to do and I make sure to get things done.”
For now I quite like him, but need to see him in action.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 7/10

Ross Fretten_The Apprentice 2017


Sajan Shah

He is the owner of an event company. He says:

“I’m like the Head of HR, but I hate the word HR so I made my own title.”
At least, we’ve got something in common.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6/10

Sajan Shah_The Apprentice 2017


Sarah Jayne Clark

She owns a clothing company. She says:

“I don’t’ trust people.”
What else.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 0/10

Sarah Jayne Clark_The Apprentice 2017


Sarah Lynn

She owns a confectionery company. She says:

“The most exciting thing about sweets is that they’re colourful, they’re fun, they make people smile, so they’re just… like me.”
I don’t know if it’s because she reminds me of an old schoolmate of mine who was fake as hell, or just because she compared Lord Sugar to a lemon sherbet, but I’m quite suspicious here.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 4/10

Sarah Lynn_The Shortlisted 2017


Siobhan Smith

She owns a wedding company. She says:

“I fly aeroplanes, I scuba dive, jump off cliffs, paragliding, parachute jumping…”
She looks like someone who is just too busy to waste her time bitching around. I like her temper.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 8/10

Siobhan Smith_The Apprentice 2017


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