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The series 14 of the BBC Apprentice kicks off this Wednesday 3rd of October 2018 at 9 PM on BBC1, and I’m really into it.

This year has been a quite Apprentice-related one for me and this magazine, as I’ve interviewed all the BBC Apprentice winners since 2011, as well as Frank founder and Lord Sugar’s spokesman Andrew Bloch, who kindly spoke with me via his BlochBerry for over one and a half hour, unveiling much of the PR process of turning TV show winners into credible business owners: such an interesting reading for any fan of the programme.

So, this year more than ever I very much look forward to watching the new series and learning about the candidates’ attitudes and business ideas; meanwhile, here are my player’s ratings: nasty, brutish and short as ever 😉

BBC Apprentice series 14 meet the candidates 2018

“I’m the king of the world”

The Shortlisted’s Official Player Ratings
of the BBC Apprentice 2018 candidates


Alex Finn

He is an IT analyst. He says:

“I’m right 100% of the time”, “I’d love to meet someone like me”

Since he’s clearly trying to imitate 2011 winner Tom Pellereau, he could well borrow a pint of modesty from him. And a comprehensible accent too.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 0/10

alex finn the apprentice 2018


Camilla Ainsworth

She owns a nut milk company. She says:

“I’m a bundle of creativity and energy”, “There’s no middle ground” and “Being sassy is so important”

She says she’s an extremist and that she takes pride in being sassy. She even says that she’s fluent in sass, and it’s just because personally I prefer cow’s milk that I must assume that no, we are not twin sisters separated at birth.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 9/10

camilla ainsworth apprentice


Daniel Elahi

He is the owner of a lifestyle brand, whatever it might mean. He says:

“I have the beauty and the brains”

What about the beast?

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 3/10

Daniel Elahi apprentice


David Alden

He is a tax advisor. He says:

“If I could survive without sleep then I would do it because sleep is a waste of time”.

Well, it depends on whom you sleep with, mate.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 3/0

david alden apprentice


Frank Brooks

He is a senior marketing manager. He says:

“Frank Brooks is a unique, one of a kind, generous, fun-loving SOUL who really knows what he wants in life”

It’s a no for the one that refers to himself in the third person while also behaving like a typical H&M salesboy.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 0/10

frank brooks apprentice


Jackie Fast

She is a sponsorship consultant. She says:

“I’m the leader of the pack, the person that always shouts, all that stuff ”

Not sure whether she really shouts in life or not, but to me this girl sounds like a nice one.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 7/10

Jackie Fast


Jasmine Kundra

She is a learning and development manager. She says:

“The typical answer to the way to spell and entrepreneur is A-L-A-N S-U-G-A-R: that’s the only spelling I know”

She looks and sounds like a CCCC: a calm, clever and credible candidate.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 7/10

jasmin kundra apprentice


Kayode Damali

He is a professional speaker. He says:

“My mum is going to watch that, she said that I have to win!”

He might be either a good chap or just another hysterical candidate. Time will tell.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6/10

kayode damali


Kadija Kalifa

She is the owner of an eco-cleaning company. She says:

“The poo-sandwich strategy works well: you tell your employees or your colleagues or team members that they’re really great at something, then you tell them what they’ve done wrong and how to fix it and then you tell them they’re great again. It works with my 20+ employees, it works with my kids and with my partner”

“My children need to go to a private school and I need private health because I’m a bit of a hypochondriac”

Not sure who cares about what you do with your sophisticated progeny, but you’d better hope and pray that the NHS emergency doctor that at some point in the future might save your life won’t give you the “poo-sandwich” treatment.
A full zero as a verdict would be way too flattering here.

For the first time in history, The Shortlisted refuses to issue a verdict. N/A

Khadija Kalifa apprentice


Kurran Pooni

He is a Law graduate. He says:

“No one on this planet offers what I can offer”, “I think Lord Sugar might find it difficult not to just hire me on the first week, to be honest with you”

Sure, kid. Sure.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 0/10

kurran pooni


Rick Monk

He is a quality controller. He says:

“I’m not interested in helping other people”, “I’m a wolf in sheep clothing”, “If I spend a penny I need to make a pound”, “I’m not going to waste someone else’s money”

He looks like somebody who asks you out and then tells the waiter to split the bill.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 1/10

rick monk apprentice


Sabrina Stocker

She owns a tennis events company. She says:


You cannot understand a thing of what the hell she’s saying as she talks like a machine gun. She has a lot of energy and positive vibes but just needs to calm down a little bit.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 7/10

sabrina stocker apprentice


Sarah Ann Magson

She is a solicitor. She says:

“I had 36 piercings”, “If you cross the line with me, you don’t want to see that side”

 For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, she scares the hell out of me to the point that I’m even frightened of giving her such a low rating.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 4/10


Sarah Byrne

She owns a children’s acting company. She says:

“I won’t be around the bush”, “I can handle anything”

I’ve got lots of prejudices here as she teaches optional stuff to children while I strongly believe that kids should be left in peace in their free time.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 5/10

sarah byrne apprentice


Sian Gabbidon

She is the owner of a swimwear brand. She says:

“I was actually really really good at football at school”, “People always underestimate me”

I don’t have a proper opinion on this one yet. Let’s see her in action.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 6/10

sian gabbidon apprentice


Tom Bunday

He owns a surgery tree firm. He says:

“I’m so immature”, “I’m a very fair person”, “I haven’t got any time for people that are lazy”

This chap really is into tree surgery, which is an extremely precious and honourable practice. It’s hard to figure out someone who takes care of the nature shouting on the telly. In my opinion, he could perfectly reach the final stage. And maybe win the show.

The Shortlisted’s verdict: 9/10

tom bunday

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