How to use Snapchat to get a job

Yes. Snapchat does exist. And my disinformed opinion counts nothing.
As I was wondering what the hell it is, why someone aged over 12 would use it and if you can benefit from this social network to get a job, I randomly bumped into a professional who is quite a lot into Snapchat.
Here is our Q&A with Snapchat expert Stefano Mongardi who tells you how to use Snapchat to get a job.
Or not.

Can you really get a job thanks to Snapchat?

From the business and the personal branding perspectives, Snapchat is a powerful tool; it allows people to engage with you, ask you questions and much more. What you really need to see in Snapchat is the potential to create direct relationships with influencers and other people that are watching your snaps.

How are companies using Snapchat to attract influencers?

Companies are using Snapchat to partner with influencers who already have a large following on other social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok; before deciding on the budget, sponsors ask for a screenshot of the views influencers have on Snapchat. Also, thanks to geo-filters that are only available in the US for now, companies are able to use Snapchat for red carpets, live events and much more.

How are employers using Snapchat to attract talents?

I know about an agency that has used Snapchat geo-filters to advertise job openings to their competitors’ employees; they basically targeted the people working in such companies, included them in their radar and invited them to apply. The same thing did a college; they used geo-filters to target high-school students and sponsor their university open day.

How about job seekers?

Job seekers may use Snapchat to get a job starting by following companies’ accounts, or, even better, companies’ employees’ accounts, hoping that they’ll follow them back. Then, it’s all about your soft skills, it’s all about showcasing your talent so you can get noticed.

Any example?

Apart from a number of web marketing and social media professionals who found freelance marketing work on Snapchat, I know about a plastic surgeon who uses Snapchat to show before-and-after photos of plastic surgery to get new clients.

Thank you mate, and don’t see you on Snapchat.

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