Can you use Snapchat to get a job?

Yes. Snapchat does exist. And no one asked for my opinion.
As I was seriously wondering what the hell it is, how someone aged over 12 would use it and whether you can benefit from the tool to get a job, I randomly bumped into a professional who is quite a lot into that.
Here is a Q&A with Snapchat expert Stefano Mongardi who tells you how to use Snapchat to get a job.
Or not.

Can you really get a job thanks to Snapchat?

From the business and the personal branding’s perspectives, Snapchat is a powerful tool; it allows people to engage with you, to ask you questions and much more. What you really need to see in Snapchat is the potential you’ve got to create direct relationships with other people who have been watching your snaps. Companies have been using it to partner with those users who already have a huge amount of followers on other social networks; they obviously ask them a screenshot of the Snapchat views they’ve got, before deciding on the budget. Also, thanks to geo filters (that are only available in the U.S. for now), companies use Snapchat for red carpets, live events and much more.

How are companies using Snapchat to attract talents?

I know about an agency that used geo filters to advertise their job openings among their competitors’ employees; they basically targeted the people who were working in the companies included in their radar, and invited them to apply there. The same thing did a college; they used geo filters to target high-school students and to sponsor their open day to recruit new students for the journalism course.

What about job seekers?

People can start following the companies’ accounts, or, even better, the companies’ employees’ accounts, hoping that they’ll follow them back. Then, it’s all about your personal branding, it’s all about showing your skills so they can notice you and get you an offer.

Any interesting stories to share?

Apart from a number of web marketing and social media professionals who found marketing-related work thanks to Snapchat, I know about a plastic surgeon who uses Snapchat to show the before and after plastic surgery to enhance their personal branding and get noticed.

Thank you mate, and don’t see you on Snapchat.

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