The Shortlisted's Therapy

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The Shortlisted runs The Shortlisted’s Therapy, a range of 3 Skype-based truth-extraction & honest career advice programmes for lost and confused people.

• The Shortlisted’s Therapy is not  coaching

When I say career advice, I don’t say small talks or motivational crap.
These career advice programmes have nothing to do with your standard career coaching sessions either; I am not that soft-hearted coach who listens to your problems and carefully pays attention not to judge or hurt you. I don’t tell you what you want to hear; I tell you what you need to hear (yes, exactly, ♫ when you get what you want but not what you need… ♫)– and believe me man, as unpleasant as it might sound, it works – ask my past clients.

• You Will Take One Action at the End of Each Session

My approach is based on the honest extraction of truth and decluttering of your messy mind to free up mental space and regain your focus.
This is why every weekly Skype session generates at least one action you must take in the following 7 days to change your career & life for the best.

• My Way. For Your Life.

I put my brain and my tons of experience at your complete service; I kick you in the ass, I don’t accept self-indulgence or excuses. Plus, I explicitly tell you that I refuse to help you if you think that you’re going to hate the jobs you’re applying for. Hence, I force you to watch at your own values, strengths and talents, to make a serious decision about your career, and ultimately answer the question what would you do if you had just one life?

• How it Works

♦ All the Skype programmes, except for the one-off Job Interview Training, will be carried out on a one-session-per-week basis.
♦ At the end of each Skype session, you’ll be asked to take at least one action in the following 7 days.
Warning – Read before you place any order! Don’t enrol in any programme if you aren’t serious about your intentions or you think you cannot commit enough time to the sessions and the action plan. This is serious stuff, and I want your time and serious commitment; if you can’t guarantee this, you’re wasting your money.
♦ If you have other questions, just visit the FAQs.

★ The Shortlisted’s Therapy: Career Advice Programmes for Lost & Confused People ★

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• Career Decision-Making Programme: Five 60-minute Skype sessions at £350

• Job Search Programme: Three 60-minute Skype sessions at £210

 Job Interview Training: One 60-minute Skype session at £70

 ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ Bonus: all the Skype programmes can be run in either English, Italian, Spanish or French ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣