What (the hell) to wear to a job interview?

They say that March comes like a lion and goes like a lamb, but in my opinion they tend to forget all the Aries paraphernalia in between.
In fact, keeping up with some Aries might not be easy if you are, for example, a frightened Pisces.

People out there don’t believe in astrology – but then would it be a coincidence that most of the characters I have loved, hated, admired or I will merely never forget all belong to this star sign?
Here is a non-exhaustive list of my all-time favourite Aries.

° Lord Alan Sugar himself. Here’s how he inspired me to start this magazine.

° BBC Apprentice 2012 winner and Lord Sugar’s business partner Ricky Martin that I have interviewed here.

° My former boss, whose good and bad behaviours you can see here.

° The publisher of my second book, back in Italy. Better not to declare anything else about it.

° Random sexy bastards I was madly attracted to and that I now detest in full.

Saint Patrick's Day funny cartoon green hat

© The Shortlisted – 2019

March is also the month of Saint Patrick’s Day, but I cannot be of much help there. The only Saint Patrick’s Day-related memory I’ve got was this obese policewoman smelling inside everyone’s McDonald’s paper cup to determine whether we were all drinking Cola or Vodka. This was at the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York, in 2013.

So, now that you’ve taken this ultimate piece of Prohibitionism on board and because March is the perfect month for an… interior design and career makeover, here are with the best career blog posts to get inspired, dressed and styled for all your next job interviews this March.

★ How to style your hair for a job interview

★ What colours should you wear to a job interview?

★ Get your colours analysed for your next job interview

★ Should you wear high heels to a job interview?

★ Interview with BBC Apprentice 2018 winner & swimwear business owner Sian Gabbidon

Funny cartoon on how to dress to a job interview or dress like a penguin

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