The only way to keep a secret is to never have one.

Julian Assange

AVAWaves duo Aisling Brouwer and Anna Phobe, credit to Rob Blackham

Interview with cinematic instrumental duo AVAWaves

AVAWaves by Rob Blackham © AVAWaves are a cinematic instrumental duo made up of Berlin-based composer Aisling Brouwer and London-based violinist Anna Phoebe. They produce hypnotic music for visuals you’ll ab...
Miles Graham

The new sound of Ireland: interview with Miles Graham

Miles Graham by Colin Gillen © Miles Graham is an Irish singer and songwriter whose music sounds extremely familiar from the very first note, but not because it reminds you of somebody else's, as the soulful ...
Paul Young Everything must change cover

40 years in music: interview with pop legend Paul Young

Paul Young in 1985 It's been with a huge amount of honour that I welcomed the chance to interview one of the most influential UK pop artists of all times, an incredibly versatile musician whose talent as a si...
Sarah Class English composer classical music

Interview with Emmy and BRIT nominee composer Sarah Class

Sarah Class © to the owners Sarah Class is a twice Emmy and BRIT nominated English composer and singer-songwriter who has long worked for the likes of the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and Disney. You ma...