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Julian Assange

ice cream dropped on the ground street

Like an ice-cream dropped on the ground

Do you remember, back in the days, those musicians in their 20s who would refuse to make money by playing mainstream music? You must have met at least one of them. Ten or twenty years later, they are working ...
Why are Italians Google search screenshot

Why Italians are everywhere

It wasn't an attempt to be listed on the Guinness World Records. It didn't involve any sort of competition or social media challenge, like - you know - these usually French individuals who live one year withou...
sheldon cooper big bang theory board

How to get a job if you are like Sheldon Cooper

  Bazinga. Just like any man who can assemble a Billy bookcase thinks he's a Nobel Prize, any male scientist who is like Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory will refuse to speak to recruiters becaus...
Mr Bean screaming to the teddy bear

13 reasons you didn’t get the job in the UK

Somewhere on this website, there must be explained the reason why this magazine is called The Shortlisted. It all originated from some point in my existence - quite a long point that spanned from 2010 to 2015 ...
The French Bastards Theatre small pic

What it’s like to work in France if you’re not French

Ages and ages ago, for reasons that are not entirely clear to me yet, I decided I was going to find a job in France. I'd had spent quite a while working my butt off to learn French, and it was only when I'd be...
Respect your employer funny cartoon

This item distinguishes managers from slaves

It was a family-run business, but you always had this vague impression that each and every family's member would have preferred to be somewhere else. When I first went to work there, rules and roles in the com...
cute lovely mouse rat

What rats taught me about humanity

At some unlucky point in my UK life, I was living in Bromley, Kent. The place was a tiny ground-floor flat covered in damp and mould whose double-glazed windows served no functional purpose when it came to pre...
Nike Air Max 95 trainers shoes white inspirational blogger influencer picture

Story of my life (and a pair of Nike)

Not many people have heard this story, and I’m sure the guy I’ll be talking about doesn’t even remember that day. Sure thing, he won't care. At the time - and the time was Spring 2015 - my personal London rat ...
Take That screaming teenage girl fans in London by the Kino Library1990

Dedicated to my fellow 1990s Take That screaming fans

This story begins in the late 90s - right before my early teens - in a community school in Rome, Italy, where myself and a classmate called Valentina S. shared a huge love for Take That. But we were massivel...
Cartoons and funny comics about recruitment process and job interview

29 ridiculous job interview cartoons

Thought you've heard pretty much everything when it comes to scandalously stupid job interview questions, sinister recruitment practices, HR monsters and so on? Are you starting to believe in the motivational c...
Take That Everything Changes signed album cover

All the rules I broke to meet Take That

In my opinion, what you can and should be reasonably willing to do to snag an autograph of your favourite celebrity includes: 1) doing high-speed car chases 2) climbing hotel walls 3) hiding in a bush 4) pr...
Bansky streetart baloon girl

The day I didn’t interview Lord Sugar

We both stand behind his office door in silence, waiting for him to let us in. We don't even bother acknowledging each other's presence. The more I contemplate her spotty face and exaggeratedly upright postur...