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Julian Assange

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How to deal with jerks and idiots at work

© The Shortlisted I got you, man. The fact is, sooner or later, we all bump into clients, customers or colleagues that are idiots, jerks and incompetent bastards. Stupidity, inefficiency and nonsense ...
Santa's Lapland How to Work at Santa Claus Village Finland

How to work for Santa Claus in Finland

In the summer of twelve years ago, right after graduating with a BA in Whatever, I found myself squeezing the following in a school backpack: - A black winter coat - Wool jumpers and cardigans - 50-den t...
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How to break into the music industry

© The Shortlisted As an independent musician in a market that is often described as “saturated”, it’s easy to feel defeated before you’ve even begun: no matter how good your music is, if you don’t promo...
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How to make mistakes

There was this guy I once almost fell for who liked to use the word failure all the time. But if you looked at him, you wouldn't see any failure whatsoever. His life has always been nothing but a rapid suc...
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What the hell is the recruiter talking about?

Struggling to understand what the hell recruiters really want from you? Just got a cold call from one of them and you were left with a strange feeling in your head? Did you have the vague impression that ...