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Julian Assange

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Why Italians are everywhere

It wasn't an attempt to be listed in the Guinness World Records. It didn't involve any sort of competition or social media challenges, like - you know - these (usually French) individuals who live one year without palm oil and then tell Americans what it was ...
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13 reasons you didn’t get the job in the UK

Somewhere on this website, there must be explained the reason why this magazine is called The Shortlisted. It all originated from some point in my existence - quite a long point that spanned from 2010 to 2015 - when I was having loads of job interviews. And ...
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Story of my life

Not many people have heard this story, and I’m sure the guy I’ll be talking about doesn’t even remember that day. Sure thing, he won't care. At the time - and the time was Spring 2015 - my personal London rat race consisted of three hours a day spent in the t...
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The day I didn’t interview Lord Sugar

We both stand behind his office door in silence, waiting for him to let us in. We don't even bother acknowledging each other's presence. The more I contemplate her spotty face and exaggeratedly upright posture, the more my detestation for her continues to gr...