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The Shortlisted runs a CV & Cover Letter Writing service with a 30-minute personal career assessment on Skype and a second review to make sure you’re happy.  A useful cheat sheet explaining how to target your CV for each job application is included, as well.

There are no Gold, Silver or Platinum diabolical options here, and no 24/7 service, read here why.

Because this is the UK’s 1st Career Service from a Serial Job Interviewee and because I remember well when I was unemployed, I provide the same truthful, honest and wonderful service to everyone, and everyone pays the same affordable fee regardless of current salary and years of experience. 

Please note that you need to have established a clear career path in mind to be able to use this service. This means that you know exactly which job title you need to search for, in which industry and in which country – and that everything you need is a CV makeover.

If you are still confused about the above or are still trying to figure out what to do with your career, this is not the right service for you. Have a look at The Shortlisted’s Therapy – Career Advice Programmes for Lost & Confused People, instead.

If you are still unsure whether the CV & Cover Letter Writing service might be beneficial for you, just drop me an email at

The CV & Cover Letter Writing service includes:

• A 30-minute Personal Career Assessment on Skype

We will discuss your current situation over an informal chat on Skype: who you are, what you did and what you want to do now. We will decide together on the best strategy to adopt for your resume makeover – because no, a chronological CV is not necessarily the best option for everyone and yes, a Europass CV is a crap choice in any case – whether Brexit is really going to happen or not.

Once we have finished our Skype call I will send you an email with a brief description of the strategy we agreed on and what I’m going to do with your CV.

Timescale: You can usually book the personal career assessment the same week as you place your order. It will last 30 minutes.

Human Approach & Honest Career Advice

Unlike most former and current recruiters and Inhuman Resources professionals who offer CV Writing services, my approach is human & my advice is honest.  Because I have been in your shoes for ages, I know exactly how you feel and will do my best to make the experience as human as possible.

Personalised CV & Cover Letter Writing

Following the 30-minute Skype career assessment, I will rewrite your CV from scratch to tailor it for the particular job title or industry we have agreed on. I will double check every single sentence for grammar, spelling and effectiveness and will provide you with a fresh & smart layout (2 pp. maximum).

I will carry out some extensive research on your specific industry terminology, and I will do a keyword optimisation work specifically tailored for your industry, in order to let those stupid recruitment systems find your CV online. Also, I will provide you with a keyword-rich cover letter to go with your applications.

The job can be done in either British or American English.

Timescale: Please allow me up to 7 working days following the assessment to rewrite your CV and cover letter.

• Cheat Sheet to Target Your Job Application for Each Role 

Along with your brand new CV & Cover Letter, I will send you a cheat sheet with personalised tips to target your job application according to each job description.

A Second Review to Make Sure You’re Happy

After receiving your new CV & Cover Letter, you’ll have 2 days to decide whether you’re happy with the result or require further corrections. In case you need more corrections, I’ll do a second review for you, free of any further charges.  Accepted corrections include industry terminology and keywords, personal statements, personal details and general appearance of the CV (font, colour, size). 

I won’t do corrections going against the strategy we have agreed on during our Skype assessment. This means that you can’t change your mind once you’ve decided what type of CV you want – but you can, of course, sign up for a new one.

Timescale: Please let me know within 2 days if you need any corrections and allow me 3 working days to make all the changes you require.

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 ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ Bonus: the Skype session can be run in either English, Italian, Spanish or French ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣