Don’t Let a Stupid Recruiter Tell You That You Are Not Good Enough

A while ago, I had a fight on Twitter with a recruiter (would you believe?) who wouldn’t stop publishing crap material aimed at making job seekers feel guilty. You know, stuff like “Didn’t you get the job? It’s because you were late!”, “Didn’t you get hired? It’s because you didn’t dress well!”.

The fight started with me asking if he really believed the goddam crap he was enthusiastically publishing and ended with him blocking me from Twitter, spying on me on LinkedIn but refusing my invitation to connect.

What really pissed me off is the candidate-centric focus this serpent, and many of his colleagues, have. They just want you to think that if you don’t get the job it’s your fault, so you never question their work or their client’s recruitment process.

You know what? Don’t ever let a stupid recruiter tell you that you’re not good enough, or that it was your fault if you didn’t get hired. Provided that you’re qualified to perform the job, that you act professionally and that you don’t dress like a clown, you’ll hardly imagine what the Real Reasons for Not Getting the Job are.

Every time you leave after a job interview, just make sure you still have your self-esteem with you. Because you can even get a stellar job, but without self-esteem, you only and always will be someone else’s slave.

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