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I’m not sure whether this means that The Recruitish to English Dictionary is over, but the Made in Bromley with Love version is as dead as a doornail for sure, simply because I’m not based in Bloody Bromley anymore (this will piss my friend Sam off as he loves being from Bromley so much and doesn’t think the area is bloody at all – I know, man, there is no place like home).

The fifth & last chapter of the Recruitish to English Dictionary was published in late September, and I haven’t had any more ideas for new chapters since then. Instead, after watching In good company, I’m thinking of writing an Employish to English Dictionary with all that bullshit employees and employers exchange all the time.

And because the best way to celebrate the end of something is always making a gift – you can now download the full Recruitish to Dictionary bible with all the 5 chapters in a nice pdf.

I don’t even ask for your email address (sorry mate, my wonderful weekly newsletter is only for very special people), so just click below to download the mini e-book & have a Happy Halloween.

Click here to download the full Recruitish to English Dictionary Mini E-Book


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