Download “Soft Skills, Hard Results” by Luca Mastella for Free

To mark a year since my interview with fellow serial job interviewee Luca Mastella on How to Get a Job Interview a Google went out, I got permission from the man to give away the English version of his ebook Soft Skills, Hard Results.

Since the ebook got published in 2015, Mr Mastella developed his career across four continents to the point he’ll just be too busy to even notice this blog post – but we don’t really care as he’s giving away such a great piece of work for free – no email address required either.

Soft Skills, Hard Results is a 130-page ebook about the global labour mobility evolution and what it takes to get successful at work in your expat life. The booklet was withdrawn from the Internet a while after getting published, so no, you won’t find it anywhere else unless you try and approach him directly, but he’ll probably be too busy anyway.
He is a human robot.

Download Soft Skills, Hard Results by Luca Mastella for free

Soft Skills Hard Results Luca Mastella

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