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Here’s a nice little assortment of the questions I’m frequently asked or shouted.
If you still have a question after reading through these, please visit the Terms & Conditions or just get in touch:

★ About The Shortlisted

Who is The Shortlisted?
Someone named Silvia who is helping job seekers and career changers to pick the right career path for the right reasons, by offering CV makeovers and career advice programmes – in addition to this career magazine. 
She has been shortlisted from 99 companies and had 120 job interviews in 5 years over 4 different countries. Read more about this madness here.

What do you do for a living?
One, two, three.

Why should I trust someone who has had all these job interviews?
You’re right; you shouldn’t. Read here what happened to the people who have trusted me.

How many actual job offers did you get out of these 99 companies?
21 job offers of which I have only
accepted 6.

They are too few.
I agree.

 ★ About the people I work with

What kind of people do you work with?
My customers are job seekers & career changers who reached a life & career crossroad and need help in terms of orientation and presentation. They mostly come from the UK, the U.S. and Europe. They are all wonderful, apart from one asshole who came my way without invitation and inspired this blog post.

★ About the people I don’t  work with

What?! You turn customers away?
I have to. I believe it’s completely pointless to work with the wrong people. Read this blog post to find out more.

Who these wrong people are?

Ball and chain
They confuse a CV writer or a Career adviser with their babysitter and email you at midnight asking: I am a Bilingual Chinese/Finnish Accountant, do you think I can apply to this Bilingual Chinese/Finnish Accountant job? I feel so unsure about this, can I call you tomorrow at 7.00 am to discuss this?

They don’t actually think they need a professional CV writer or a Career adviser even after they’ve hired one, so they constantly show mistrust and try to over-control every single step of the process. They question each and every detail as they actually want to see what you can do that they can’t. What they really want is belittling your professionalism and make you feel insecure. Their ultimate victory is to say: I paid you for the job, but I am actually better than you at this.

They manipulate you, deny the evidence (and the terms & conditions they’ve subscribed to) and threaten to sue you.

They are not serious: they forget they had an assessment on that day – and they also forget to tell you that they had a PhD in Spatial Engineering – they send you the wrong complementary information, they change their mind after the CV strategy has been agreed, they pester you with tons of useless emails when you were still waiting for the right complementary information.

What if I’m one of them?
You’re welcome to leave this website NOW.

★ About the list of companies

Do you provide further details about the companies you have been interviewed from?
Forget it. Just think about all that confidential disclosure crap you must sign even before being allowed to use the toilet in a corporation environment, so please don’t contact me with questions about that. If you want some insider tips about a particular company, why don’t you subscribe to Glassdoor?

Why did you apply to so many different companies and industries?
You know, I wanted to explore different opportunities in order to find that exciting and perfect matching dream job allowing me to
shine and to develop my full potential. No, it’s not true. Was just confused about life.

♥ About life

What was born first, the chicken or the egg?
The Nuggets.

★ About the Free CV Review

How does the Free CV Review work?
You send a Word copy of your CV to as an attachment, and after an average of 5 working days, you get a response from me. I tell you what I think of your CV layout, presentation, spelling, grammar and general appearance and, if needed, I give you some honest advice to improve it by yourself.
Please clearly state “Free CV Review” in the subject of your email. You can use this service only once.

Does the Free CV Review run by email or Skype?
The Free CV Review runs by email only.

Why can I use the Free CV Review only once?
Come on man.

★ About the CV & Cover Letter Writing service

Who will actually rewrite my CV?
Just guess.

Who is this service for?
The CV & Cover Letter Writing service is for people who have already established a clear career path in mind but still need help when it comes to CV strategy, appearance & keyword optimisation. This means that they exactly know which job title they need to search for, in which industry and in which countryand that everything they need is a CV makeover. This is not a service for people who are still trying to figure out what to do with careers; if you find yourself in such a situation, have a look at The Shortlisted’s Therapy – Career Advice Programmes for Lost & Confused People –  and if you are still confused whether this service might just be what you need, just drop me an email at

How does the CV & Cover Letter Writing service work?
You place an order. We agree on a date and a time for your 30-minute Skype assessment. During the assessment, you tell me more about who you are, what you did, what you like and dislike and what you want to do now. We agree on a strategy to follow for your CV and Cover Letter rewriting. I send you a brief email to sum up the strategy we have decided on. You then allow me up to 7 working days to have your stuff done. I’ll provide you with your CV and Cover Letter in DOC and PDF formats, along with a personalised cheat sheet with plenty of tips to target your documents for each application.

Why do you need a Skype assessment before rewriting my CV and Cover Letter?
A CV is not a list of diplomas and achievements. It’s a list of intentions, those personal intentions I need to hear from you.

What if I am not satisfied?
I’ll provide a second review to make sure you’re happy. After receiving your brand new CV, you will be given 2 days to decide whether you’re satisfied with the result or require further corrections. I will make corrections on keywords, industry terminology, task descriptions, personal statements and personal details, as well as the general appearance of your CV (including font, colours and size but excluding layout design). However, I won’t do any corrections going against the strategy agreed over our 30-minute Skype career assessment. So you can’t change your mind once you have decided what type of CV you want, but you can surely sign up for a new one.

Once you’re done with my CV, how much will I have to pay for the Cover Letter?
Rewriting your CV without providing you with a proper Cover Letter is like giving you one shoe and then charging you double for the second. Plus getting you the wrong size. That is why my CV Writing service always includes a cover letter and a personalised cheat sheet at no extra charge.

Why is your CV & Cover Letter Writing service so different?
My formula includes a cover letter free of charge, a 30-minute personal career assessment on Skype and a second review for £90.00, plus a human approach and honest advice throughout the process: t
his is the first career advice ever run by someone who has actually experienced first hand such a large number of job interviews in so many different industries, and is here to tell you the truth about what works and what doesn’t. The other career services are all set up from former sneaky bald recruiters or Inhuman Resources pros, who have cheated on candidates for ages and are now charging them for a bit of help.

Why don’t you offer 24/7 service when most CV writing services do?
Because I don’t have a dedicated call centre in New Delhi, because prior any rewriting I need to assess your situation with you on Skype and because it’s good for you to calm down.

So how long will it take to have my CV and Cover Letter done?
I aim to provide at least one available slot over business hours (9 AM to 6 PM, GMT) for your 30-minute personal career assessment on Skype within 5 working days from the date your order is placed. In certain exceptions, the assessment can be carried out in the late evening, on working days only.
Following our Skype conversation, the rewriting will take up to 7 working days. A lot of the work involves extensive study and research of your specific industry keywords and terminology. Let’s say that if you place an order on Monday morning, and we have the assessment on Tuesday afternoon, you should be able to have your CV done by Thursday following week at the latest.

What if I require a Skype career assessment over the weekend?
Just drop me an email at

Someone else charges hundreds of pounds to rewrite a CV. Why is your CV & Cover Letter Writing service so cheap?
• Because I have been unemployed in London (and elsewhere) and I know what it’s like.
• Because this is exactly the service I would have loved for the price I could have afforded at the time.
• Because politically speaking I am where the heart is, and would never offer a service that only daddy’s boys can afford.

Someone else charges ten quid to rewrite a CV. Why is your CV & Cover Letter Writing Service so expensive?
• Because I include the cover letter and the cheat sheet in the price.
• Because I assess your situation via Skype, listen to you for 30 minutes and I then decide with you on the best strategy.
• Because I provide a second review to make you happy.
• Because I don’t offer any 24/7 service: it takes time to understand who you are, what you did and what you want to do now.
• Because I don’t charge according to your salary and years of experience. No Gold, Silver or Platinum crappy options here. Whether you’re a roof maker or a CEO, my approach and dedication don’t change.
• Because I do extensive keywords research for each industry to optimise your CV for recruitment software.
• Because I am not a monkey and don’t work for nuts.

OK, this worked for you, but you know, my situation is quite different and much more complicated, and blah blah blah.
There is just one single reason why it worked for me: the technique. Learn how to master the subtle technique to get job interviews and it will work for you too, regardless of your experience, education and industry.

Do you offer any further discount?
If you pay my bills.

What do your past clients say about you?
Lots of nasty things.

You are not an English native speaker, why should I let you write my CV in plain English?
You little bastard.

★ About The Shortlisted’s Therapy – Skype-based Career Advice Programmes for Lost & Confused People

What is The Shortlisted’s Therapy?
The Shortlisted’s Therapy is a range of the following 3 Skype-based career advice programmes: the Career Decision-Making Programme, the Job Search Programme and the Job Interview Training. All programmes have a set number of hours, actions to take and a specific syllabus you’ll find out on each programme’s page. They all run on Skype only.

Who are these services for?
Each career advice programme aims at solving one of the most common orientation problems lost & confused people have when it comes to find, keep or change a job. The Career Decision-Making Programme is for people who reached a professional crossroad and don’t know what they want to do now. The Job Search Programme  is for people who know what job they want to get, but don’t know where to start when it comes to find job offers and make applications. The  Job Interview Training is for people who have a lack of experience regarding job interviews, feel unsure about coping with recruiters and don’t know how to answer to the tricky questions.

How do I choose the right career advice programme for myself?
You read very carefully each programme’s page, and if you still have questions, you drop me an email at

Why are your career advice programmes so different?
My formula includes a set number of Skype sessions and at least one action for you to take at the end of each conversation, for a very affordable price (you’d be shocked at what my competitors charge for similar packages). Plus, don’t forget that
is the first career advice service ever run by a serial job interviewee: as Brandon Mull says, Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others. 😉

Are these career coaching programmes?
These are not career coaching programmes, and I am not a career coach either. I am a career adviser, one who puts her brain and experience at your service. A career coach is kind, polite and patient, she never judges or hurts you. With me, it’s another story. These are not programmes for sensitive viewers; I force you to seriously consider your own values, talents and strengths and to make some significant decision about your career. I don’t accept excuses, procrastination or self-indulgence, and at the end of each session you’ll have at least one action to take in the following 7 days. My ultimate goal is that you thoughtfully and honestly 
answer the question what would you do if you had just one life?

How does The Shortlisted’s Therapy work?
You place an order. We agree on a date and a time for your first 60-minute Skype assessment, at the end of which you’ll be given at least one action to take in the 7 following days. We’ll go on on a one-session-per-week basis until the programme you have picked is done. However, you should not enrol if you are not serious about your intentions or you think that you can’t commit enough time to the sessions and the action plan; if you can’t guarantee your full commitment, then you’re wasting your money. For information on each programme’s content, visit the related pages: Career Decision-Making Programme, Job Search Programme, Job Interview Training.

What about the timescale?
I aim to provide you with at least one available slot over workdays’ business hours (9 AM to 6 PM, GMT) for your first Skype session within 5 working days from the date your order is placed. Since then, we will continue the programme on a one-session-per-week basis. Preferably, we will keep the same appointment each week (for example: every Tuesday at 4 PM), but a certain degree of flexibility will be guaranteed. In certain exceptions, the sessions can be carried out in the late evening, on working days only.

What if I require a Skype session over the weekend?
Just drop me an email at

Someone else charges several thousand pounds for a career advice programme. Why is your service so cheap?
• Because I genuinely think they are thieves.
• Because I believe in karma, so if you’ll get more than what you paid for, it’s nothing but good to me.
• Because politically speaking I am where the heart is, so I would never offer a service that only daddy’s boys can afford. Am I boring, man, I know.

Someone else charges ten quid to listen to me on Skype. Why is your service so expensive?
• Because even if I am where the heart is, I am not a monkey either, so I don’t work for nuts.
• Because if you want me to offer you ten quid of value only, you must be mad.
• Because, at the end of each session, I also give you at least one action to take in the following 7 days.

Will I know exactly what to do at the end of the programmes?
At the end of the Career Decision-Making Programme, you’ll have a clearer idea of what your true values are, where and how your talents and strengths can be best employed and how to get where you want to be. At the end of the Job Search Programme you’ll know exactly where and how to find your dream job, and at the end of the Job Interview Training, you’ll know how to cope with sneaky bald recruiters and inhuman resources. Simple as that.

Why don’t you offer a discount on the 5-session package?
Do I look like Tesco? One hour of work worths one hour of work. Always.

I come from the Oompa Loompa Land and don’t feel very confident speaking in English; can you also speak my language?
Don’t worry; I can run the service in four languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French (anyway, the Oompa Loompa did speak in English – you freakin’ idiot).

★ About submitting a Guest Post

Do you accept guest posts on your magazine?
I do. Here are the guidelines for those who wish to apply and become a guest blogger or a contributor for The Shortlisted.