29 ridiculous job interview cartoons

Thought you’ve heard pretty much everything when it comes to scandalously stupid job interview questions, sinister recruitment practices, HR monsters and so on? Are you starting to believe in the motivational craps and snaps the fakest corporations out there are posting on Instagram to give you an idea of their inclusive company culture?
Screw that.

Companies that really respect and care about their employees don’t have time to waste banging on about casual dress Fridays, baskets of fruit and other bullshit: remember that the Devil doesn’t necessarily wear Prada these days; instead, they tend to look more and more like you and me, so we’re more prone to just take it easy and let our guard down.

Don’t ever trust recruiters or HR people; be wary of the people that get paid to spy on you during the lunch break.
Don’t try to be friends with the ones whose jobs involve reporting on each and every argument, debate, clash or kiss happening in the workplace.

You would naturally despise them in a world where the Unions and the collective bargaining hadn’t be traded for what(ever) is making you declare that your sworn enemies are plastic straws.

So, getting back to the point of me writing this, feel free to share these fantastic 29 job interview cartoons and comics based on a vast variety of true and terrifying stories with whoever is taking the recruitment thing too seriously. Including yourself. Especially yourself. This is exactly why you’re reading this.

Besides, you may find worth reading the unbelievable things a former recruiter confessed in the interview with the former bastard.

At the time our interview – a good few years ago –  the former bastard sounded genuinely regretful for having been a recruiter and having done all the nasty things he admits in his confession.
When I told him not to cry over spilt milk, he handed me a coffee straight away.
Maybe I looked sleepy, or maybe he was just being kind, or perhaps he wanted to point out that foreigners shouldn’t show off their knowledge of idiomatic expressions if they aren’t ready to get the full British humour behind it.
Recruiters are made this way.
Always enjoying giving an Italian a gallon of brown rainwater they dare to call coffee.

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