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If you’re interested in becoming a career contributor or guest blogger for this magazine, please read below carefully.

Here you can apply to become a guest blogger or a contributor for the UK’s 1st Independent¬†magazine and get exposure to lot of cool people: this website features plenty of popular career content, checklists and VIP interviews with celebrities such as all the winners of the BBC Apprentice and Giorgio Armani, just to mention a few.

The Shortlisted Magazine recorded 25,502 sessions and 43,697 page views in the first three years on a zero-based budget.
Domain and page authority scores have been fluctuating from around 19 to 23+ and vice-versa from 2018 to 2019, and the values are still changing, depending on: 1) how envious the founder’s enemies get when they see how wonderful the stuff we publish here is 2) how much fun they’re having deleting backlinks, turning do-follow backlinks into no-follow and more crap like that.

Now, be aware that the purpose of this guest posting scheme is to provide the readership with honest, truthful and useful content about work, career, employment, self-employment and recruitment, not to market your stuff and backlinks here.

This is why this opportunity is reserved to fellow writers, journalists, bloggers and non-profits interested in a mutual and free exchange of exposure; we don’t require the author to have certain credentials, decades of experience in their own fields, a huge social media following or an extremely popular blog (although all this is appreciated): anyone with a relevant story, a well-written idea and the right attitude is welcome to apply.

But because we edit, optimise, publish, illustrate with original artwork and promote your guest posts on social media for free and – in addition to that – we’re willing to feature a backlink to the author’s blog if they so wish – we ask all the contributors to take action, to link their own articles back on their own websites via an honest and do-follow link and to promote the stuff they’re written on social media, not forgetting to tag The Shortlisted social media accounts every time they share something.

We aim at establishing meaningful and lasting work relationships with contributors and guest bloggers, we take pride in doing our best to maximise your article’s exposure.
We do this for free and we expect and require you to play fair. This includes the non-negotiable fact that the content you publish here must not be duplicated anywhere else.

The Shortlisted is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (let’s forget a pathetic attempt to be on Instagram and Pinterest, made at the beginning in the wake of enthusiasm) and, as of March 2019, we host 38 guest posts signed by contributors coming from Australia, India, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, the UAE, the UK and the US.

If you’d like to apply and become a guest blogger, drop an email with your ideas at [email protected] without enclosing your CV.
But if you misspell Silvia in Sylvia, Sylvie or any other exotic variations of the above, you’ll never get a response ūüėõ

Otherwise, our rules for advertising and sponsorship are still very strict and no-nonsense, but at least you’ll not be required to be your own brand ambassador. You’re still required not to misspell Silvia, though!

*Please note that this is a guest blogging opportunity offered on a voluntary basis.

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