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Apply to become a guest blogger or contributor for the UK’s 1st Independent magazine from a Serial Job Interviewee and get exposure to plenty of people: this website reached 13,341 active users and recorded 30,592 page views in the first two years on a zero-based budget.

As of June 2018, this website hosts 28 guest posts signed by guest bloggers coming from AustraliaItaly, New Zealand, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

About you:

✦ You have something to say. Don’t laugh. You must have something worth saying about recruitment, employment, self-employment or careers.

✦ You are honest, truthful & wonderful.

✦ You are active on social media.

✦ You can write in plain British English and, if you are American like 29% of my readers, you accept that I’ll turn your metres into yards without feeling too colonised and upset.

✦ If you run a personal or a company blog and want a backlink to your website, it’s fine (I said a backlink, not fourteen) but the content you publish here must not be duplicated anywhere else, or Mr Google will kick me out the first page, and I’ll kick you out this website forever. Please note that this is NOT negotiable. And that I’m watching you.

If this sounds like you, drop me an email with your ideas at without enclosing your CV.

* Please note that this is a guest blogging opportunity offered on a voluntary basis.

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