How I Got Fired With Other 200 People. Without Doing Anything Wrong

A freelance career adviser who gets fired from her primary job is something not to be missed.
To be honest, I have been fired and have fired myself so many times in my life that it doesn’t make any difference anymore, especially because this time is different.

  1. First of all, this is the first and only time I get fired from a job I didn’t dislike in a company that I (used to) like.
  2. I didn’t really get fired since they didn’t employ me, but it was an ongoing freelancing position that I started nearly 3 years ago – so it feels a bit like getting fired.
  3. It wasn’t about me: I got fired together with other 200 people, and none of us did anything wrong.

So, this is the long story made a bit shorter.

Myself and around other 200 multilingual people used to work for this London-based media intelligence company in the capacity of freelance media analysts. At the time, their business model totally relied on freelancers, and things were working quite well for everybody. You could choose how much, when and where to work, payments were always made on time and you were costantly in contact with your Head of Analysis. Even if you worked remotely, they did their best to make you feel part of the business, they even sent you a freelancing monthly newsletter with stats, colleague interviews and other nice things. It used to be the best company I’d had ever worked for.

Then, on a very bad day, the company was acquired by a bigger corporation. What happened afterwards in the exact order is: they moved to Canary Wharf just to be closer to the real sharks, their logo disappeared, their employees’ email addresses were renamed under the new company name, they kept on losing accounts and clients (and when they lose a client you lose work and money), they didn’t hired any new freelancers, they even got rid of the company newsletter.

Then, the best boss I’ve ever met in my whole life left the company.

And was never replaced by anybody else.

A while later, I was approached by a LinkedIn contact who used to work there as well, but had just got fired under the pretext that they were going to fire everybody.

Months later, that’s exaclty what happened. They fired their whole pool of freelancers to delocalise the media analysis service to nice little places such as Hong Kong and India, because the current model didn’t meet anymore the needs of a global business such as the shit they became after the merger.

Now, you may argue that a freelancer is already cheaper than a regular employee, and that’s it: they used to pay us betwen £10 and £12 per hour for a damn hard work requiring a damn full range of professional skills you won’t find around easily. But it appears that spoiling people who work for a handful of rice in India makes a much better deal.

When I told the news to my family and friends, everybody said they are fucking bastards.

I don’t think they are.

I think this just another effect of Capitalism, granting anybody the right to do the hell they want anywhere, while the governments should shut just up, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to pay £3 for a dress at Primark. Then, when the system affects us, we say they are bastards, we say it’s not right. This is so hypocrite. One of the first posts I published here, titled Why the Job Market Will Never Be Fair, explains this well.

I’m not worried, by the way. Maybe because, being Italian, I’m used to much worse than this, maybe because I know well how to rewrite my own CV (ha ha) or maybe because I believe in the unknown.

After all, I didn’t get fired in a random moment of my life; it happened just after passing what it is just the hardest exam of British English on Earth (yeah, I’ve been talking about trying the CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English – since I was born and I finally tried and passed it! You bloody exes who didn’t believe I’d ever made it, you all fuck off).

On the other hand, this happens just one month after the Italian page someone made on Wikipedia ages ago to index the three books I got published in Italy on a national scale (as well as the page dedicated to this very important literary contest named after famous Italian novelist Alberto Moravia I won in 2004 aged 19 and a half) has been cancelled by a group of hackers/haters who took possession of Wikipedia Italia arbitrarily and have been doing the hell they want, unpunished. Prior to that, nor the page dedicated to my books or the page dedicated to the literary contest had ever been disputed in 10 years.

But you know what, you never know what life has in store for you, and, as unfair as it might seem, it’s still life, it’s still everything you have.

It’s still a damn blessing.

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