How I Got 120 Job Interviews for 99 Jobs I Didn’t Want – Part 2

This continues from How I had 120 job interviews for 99 jobs I didn’t want – Part 1

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Of course, it wasn’t.

In London, life was just a lot more expensive and miserable.
And that dream job bullshit never happened. I ended up buried in a blue-carpeted office with windows sealed with cement, and spent every spare minute applying for jobs, more jobs I didn’t want.

I was just trying to convince myself that I did care, because you know, getting this style of corporate jobs is just what someone like you is supposed to be doing.

But I didn’t want to destroy my self-esteem, I didn’t want to realise that there was something wrong with me, so I just kept repeating myself that my dream job would be out there. Plus, my CV was being successful: nearly every time I applied for a job, I was getting the interview.
As a result, a queue of friends started asking for help to rewrite their CVs.
And you know what happened, what the hell happened?

It happened that my friends only needed to fully understand what job title to apply for; they only wanted some help with their CV and cover letter writing. A few of them also needed some career advice to understand what they really wanted to do in life. Others simply wanted to know how to answer to what are your weaknesses? without punching the recruiter in the face.

Once they were provided with the CV makeover and all the information, they were all fine.
They all found their way much easier than I.
They got one, maybe two, maybe three job interviews. In a lifetime. And then they got fine, at least for a while. Of course the boss was a bastard, of course the pay was not great, but they could still live without the feeling of being in the wrong place.

Thanks to them, I realised how much I love helping people: every time one of them gets the right job, it fills me with pride.
The truth was: they could live and I couldn’t.
I was too busy having job interviews.

It took me far too long to realise that I didn’t want any job, I just wanted to work for myself.
It took me exactly 120 job interviews in 99 different companies across Italy, France, Spain and the UK in the last 5 years, plus a number of previous years of additional interviews in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.

When the whole thing actually began I was still at Uni in my home country, training to become a journalist – you know, just to realise that I am not Italian enough to live in Italy, and also that I truly hate journalists and newspapers.
I guess it’s where all the wrong place stuff got started – but well, that’s another story.
An even more depressing one.

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