How I got 120 job interviews for 99 jobs I didn’t want | part 2

This continues from How I got 120 job interviews for 99 jobs I didn’t want – Part 1

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Of course, it wasn’t.

In London, life was just a lot more expensive and miserable.
And all that dream job bullshit never came true, and I ended up buried in a blue-carpeted office with windows sealed with cement, where I was spending every spare minute applying for jobs, more jobs I didn’t want.

I was just trying to convince myself that I did care, because you know, getting this style of corporate jobs is just what someone like you and me is supposed to be doing.

And I didn’t want to destroy my self-esteem, I didn’t want to realise that there was something wrong with me, so I just kept repeating myself that my dream job would eventually come up if I was patient enough. Also, my CV was being incredibly successful: nearly every time I applied for a job, I was getting the interview, and many times I’d get the offer as well.

As a result, my friends seeked help to rewrite their CVs.
And do you know what happened, do you know what the hell did happen?

It happened that my friends only needed a kick in the ass and a CV makeover.
I was supposed to be the expert but, ironically enough, they all found their way much easier than I.
Of course their boss was a bastard and of course, their pay was not great, but at least they could carry on without that dreadful feeling of always being in the wrong place.

Everyone but me seemed to be able to live.
While I was just too busy having job interviews.

It took me more 120 job interviews in 99 different companies in 5 years and 4 countries to realise that everything I want to do in life is to probably have the honour of writing the words you’re reading right now.

Wish me luck, man.

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