How to Keep Your Mental Health While Looking for a Job

Looking for a job is hard, to say the least. How many times will you be rejected before you’ll start feeling like a failure?
How many times have you heard “thank you for your time, we will let you know”, but never heard from them again?
It is tough out there, but you need to stay positive because if you start giving off negative vibes, you may never be able to get a job. Employers are not looking for people who feel sorry for themselves: instead, they want someone positive who knows they can perform the job better than anyone else. So, how can you keep giving off those vibes when you have already been turned down by dozens of employers already? We have some ideas.

1: Tips and Tricks to Stay Sane While Job Hunting

First of all, don’t let them make you feel like you are not good enough for the job. If they choose someone else over you, it is probably just because someone else had ten Degrees or they are married to the boss’ daughter. Seriously though, it is definitely not because you are not good enough unless you are trying to get a job that is way above your means.

2: Stay Within Your Realm of Possibility

We all want to think that we can do any job put in front of us, but the fact is that we can’t. Not unless you are a genius. If you spot online an ad for a job that pays six figures and you would really love to apply but don’t have the skills required, then don’t bother: it’s not worth the rejection. Stick to what you know and are qualified to do.

3: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Speak to an employment counsellor or the Jobcentre Plus office in your area. Talk to your friends and relatives and anyone else, and let them know that you are looking for a job. Post it on all of your social media pages. Tweet about it. Ask for help. You need a job and you have to be willing to go out and tell everyone that you want to work!

4: Get Professional Help

You can even talk to a mental health professional about needing help in getting a job. There are many therapists, counsellors and psychologists out there that specialise in helping people who struggle to find a decent job. They can offer you tips and tricks on how to behave, what to say and what not to say, as well as what types of jobs may suit you best. Some people are just not sure regarding what job they would be good at, and there are lots of career orientation tests that a therapist or counsellor may suggest you to take. Also, they can help you look at what you may be doing wrong and decide on a plan of action that will make it easier for you to get your dream job.

How to Keep your mental health while looking for a job

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