How to take control of your career

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Are you lost when it comes to setting and achieving career goals?
Here is a quick list of tips to help you finally take control of your career.

1: Focus on your career goals first

Think about career goals that might enhance your employment marketability and also improve your worth to your employer. Ask yourself: what are my weaknesses and how can I improve them?

2: Be realistic

Make sure you’ve explored your career options carefully, so you can develop the required skills to produce this kind of career change.

3: Create a strategy

Break down intricate targets into smaller and simpler steps. As an example, if you wish to get a new job, one of the smaller steps may include applying for five jobs every day plus participating in a networking event once a month.

4: Never stop learning

Your education shouldn’t just end the moment you have gained a certain amount or diplomas; you need to create a lifetime commitment to learning.
Discover new ways to enhance your skills through accreditation programmes, instruction courses, seminars and internet-based classes; additionally, put aside some time to read blogs and magazine related to your industry.

5: Market yourself

Investing time in personal branding and marketing is always a good idea, and your network may also help you find your next role. However don’t forget that, in addition to looking for ways to meet new people, you should stay in contact with the people that are already in your network.

6: Inform your boss

If you’ve identified a specific career goal that can be achieved in your existing organisation, discuss it with your boss; they might assist you to develop a career chart or even offer individual training plans or classes.

7: Keep your career goals noticeable

If your career goals list is out of sight, it is likely to be out of your brain as well.
So make sure you take note of your goals and place the list somewhere in your workplace.

8: Create a support programme

Inform your colleagues and friends so they can help you stay inspired and focussed!

9: Go gentle!

Last but not least, be gentle with yourself: pat yourself on the back as you start achieving your goals, step by step!

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