Your January’s Guest Bloggers

Don’t listen to them.

Just like September, January is also a stupid but underrated month you care way too much about, and all the January Blues thing is nothing but a pretext to sell you synthetic vitamins and scented candles.
Much ado about nothing.

As for me, I do love January, as I finally stop staring at the calendar waiting for the old year to get all its shit away from me forever.
And afterwards, well, you perfectly know what happens.
The New Year’s good resolutions, and then the laddered tights the day after.
But not this year, man.

This year I am starting plenty of great things, and I also have plenty of wonderful people who want to write for The Shortlisted. As a matter of fact, after publishing the call to action for guest bloggers in December, I have literally been inundated with proposals by great bloggers, online influencers and much more.
The ones I picked for this month are Rob and Claudia, and I thought it’d be nice to introduce them to you properly.

You see, I really don’t know how so many bloggers can just publish guest blogs like that, without even telling you who the hell is writing, so you have to wait for the bio at the bottom of the page. I mean, you don’t host a party chez toi without introducing the guests to one another, don’t you?

★ January’s Guest Bloggers ★

Claudia Landini is the founder of the expat community Expatclic and a fantastically cool & clever lady, too. She speaks any language you can think of, has lived everywhere and is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She also runs a course on how to run a location-independent career. When I was still selling career services, I used to team up with her offering CV advice to all the people enrolled in her course.
♦ Her first guest post, titled 10 Rules to Work (and Survive) in Indonesiawill be published on Monday 30th January.

★ Rob Watts is an SEO expert and the founder of Kent-based online marketing company Yack Yack SEO. We used to work together in the blue-carpeted office (yes, the one with windows sealed with cement) about ten million years ago. The both of us are Leo & Leo Rising, which explains how we can have terrifying arguments and still be good friends.
♦ His first guest post, titled Top 9 Tips to Make a Great Video CV, will be published on Monday 23th January (aka, next week).

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