Have you had any other interviews yet?

This is a sneaky & tricky question that has obviously nothing to do with your ability to perform the work. It may come in different forms and shapes, such as “What other companies are you applying to?” or “Have you received any job offers yet?” – but the recruiter’s ignoble intention is always the same: finding out whether you are desperate to get a job or instead you are in high demand. This will help them to decide how likely you would refuse the offer (if so, isn’t it better for them to push another candidate forward?). In addition, recruiters do this to try gathering precious confidential information about other companies they’ll use later to expand their business.

Warning: the content is translated from English to Recruitish.

Job interview question funny checklist: have you had other interviews yet?

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TIP: The very moment you tell a recruiter you have been doing other interviews, they will insist on getting as many details as they can, so my suggestion is to never disclose anything. Stay completely vague and don’t disclose other companies’ name, not even under torture. Simply state that you are not in a rush for a new job and that you are keen on exploring all the suitable opportunities. Recruiters can get particularly pissed off if you tell them that you have been told to keep the details confidential, so try to act in a very naïve way. Otherwise, they won’t trust you and will push another candidate forward. 

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