How to discuss your salary expectations

While it’s not particularly wise to discuss salary, holidays and benefits with a potential employer before you are actually offered a job, it’s absolutely crucial to learn how to properly talk salary with agency recruiters before they arrange any job interview for you.

In fact, there is a huge difference in the way recruiters earn their commission for either permanent or temporary jobs, and this determines whether they’ll try to get you a decent payslip or not.

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Job interview question funny checklist: how to discuss your salary expectations

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TIP to discuss salary: If your current salary is too low, avoid answering the question and declare, instead, what your expected salary is. When it comes to a permanent position, the recruiter will do their best to get you a big salary as they’ll get a percentage of that. Often they also keep on making money based on the number of months you stay in the company; that’s why they might call you insistently for the first 3 months just to vanish into thin air afterwards. The opposite is true for hourly and temp jobs – so, be prepared as they ask you what your hourly rate currently is.

TIP to discuss hourly rates: When it comes to temp and hourly jobs, things work this way: the employer places a sum, let’s say, £50 for each hour worked. It’s up to the recruiter to make calculations and find out how much they’ll need to give you not to negatively affect their own margin and commission. The cheaper the worker, the better it’s for the recruiter. That’s why they’ll always try to make you work for the least possible money.

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