The Shortlisted Job Interview Training

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★ A 1-session Skype-based job interview training to learn how to cope with sneaky bald recruiters, inhuman resources and other beasts.
Whether you are expected to face a group interview with other 5 candidates or a panel interview with the CEO, his wife and the cleaning lady (yes, they often throw random people in, just to gather their opinion about the candidate…), whether you are going to get a Skype job interview with a German guy based in China or you just need to calm down before speaking with an agency recruiter called Becky (they are always called Rebecca or James, I don’t know why) I’m here to help.
I will answer all your questions and clarify your doubts, including how to answer to what are your weaknesses? without smashing the recruiter’s face in.
The session will be targeted to your specific needs, and you can book as many session as you need.
We can also run a job interview simulation to get you perfectly prepared for the day 🙂

• This training is for you if you need help with the following:

Agency recruitment & Becky interviews
Big Corporation job interviews
✓ Start-up job interviews.
 Phone & Skype job interviews
 Panel job interviews
 Job interviews in a language other than your first one
 Group job interviews
 Entry-level and Senior roles job interviews
Not-for-profit and Academic job interviews
Freelancing job interviews
 Job interviews for remote positions

Please note that I’m not a business consultant, so I’m not the best person to advise you on B2B or B2C meetings.

• This training is not  for you in any other case, including when you are looking for:

A Free CV Review.
A CV & Cover Letter makeover.
A career advice programme to help you find out what you want to do with your career.
A career advice programme on how to get a job.
A girlfriend

Important! Read before placing an order! I perfectly know what’s going to happen here: you discover my website, you spend hours online reading every single blog post, you don’t even subscribe to the newsletter, but you visit me about one million times a day. As I spot your 2-hour sessions on the website’s daily analytics, I bring you luck, so you suddenly get shortlisted for a job interview. And you start to panic.
You drop me a desperate email asking whether I’m available that same afternoon because this is so urgent. So I call the hairdresser off, and I consequently have to apologise for the state of my hair when we meet on Skype.
Now, you need to understand that not every time I can call something off on a zero notice, and since I travel a lot, I strongly recommend you not to leave it until the last minute, because no, honey, I won’t be cancelling my flight to Timbuktu for you. Book me with reasonable advance and avoid stress and disappointment!

☛ Got questions? Visit the FAQs!

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 ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ Bonus: all the Skype programmes can be run in either English, Italian, Spanish or French ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣