How to plan a call with a recruiter

Bingo! You applied for a job and the recruiter called (or emailed) you back to discuss your application. You rush to the phone. You must tell them you’re the perfect candidate before they call anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the toilet, the kids are screaming, or you are running after a pickpocket at Victoria. Well, I tell you: never ever rush things with recruiters even if they say it’s just a couple of questions. Learn below how to organise the planned call.

Warning: the content is translated from English to Recruitish.

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TIP: Never accept to speak to a recruiter on the same day they get in touch. Take the call only when you have the job description in front of you. Generally speaking, don’t take calls likely to come from recruiters if you don’t know who is calling. This is because if you are applying for lots of jobs, you will never get instantly for which position they are calling. Instead, activate your voicemail so they’ll leave you a message and you’ll have all the time to study the job description and to make them reach you at YOUR best convenience. And again, always have the job description at hand when you speak to a recruiter.

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