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★ Going around in circles, a needle in a haystack and more obviousness.
A 3-session truth-extraction & honest career advice Skype-based programme for people who know what their dream job is, but hate making job applications and struggle to reach the job interview stage.
A career advice programme to help you stop wasting your time as you struggle to manage 67 weekly job bulletins, you always feel like you’re late in applying for jobs and you lose track of your job applications because you get no results.
If you spend too much time applying for jobs and you find it difficult to target your CV and cover letter for each application, this is definitely the right programme for you.
At the end of each session, you will be required to take at least one action in the following 7 days.

Please noteThis is a programme for people who are not lost and confused at all when it comes to what they want to do for a living. As you sign up for the Job Search Programme, you will perfectly know what kind of job you want to get; you just don’t know how and where to find your dream job.

Important! Read before placing an order! To get the maximum out of the Job Search Programme, you should already be equipped with a decent CV – otherwise, we would just waste plenty of time trying to figure things out. It is strongly recommended that you submit me your resume for a Free CV Review before buying this service. It’s quick and free 😉

• This programme is for you if:

Your CV is nice & clean. If you are unsure, sign up for the Free CV Review – it’s free of any charge.
 You perfectly know what your dream job is – or at least you know what type of job you want, but you don’t know how to get there.
✓ You struggle to find the right job offers for you, and you struggle even more when it comes to job applications: you spend over 30 minutes for sending one job application.
 You don’t know how to approach recruiters and HR.
 You keep sending CVs everywhere with no results, even when the job description just feels like you.
 You just graduated or have just returned from a Gap Year and need to get your first entry-level job.
You only have internship experience and it seems that recruiters only want experienced people.
You want to move country (or have already moved) and want to carry your old career with you, but you need to adapt to a new job market.
You just got fired and need a new job asap.
You want to change job, but having turned your first internship into a full-time position several years ago you have never really applied for jobs, and now you don’t know where to start.
 You are a career changer: you have several years’ experience in your field but you want to change career path; you basically need to get your first job in a different industry and you also need to work on your transferable skills.

• This programme is not  for you if:

You are not sure whether you should be employed or self-employed, or even if you should start your own business. If so, click here.
You have a number of years’ experience in something you don’t want to do anymore. If so, click here.
You have too many passions and you love so many things that you struggle to decide what you want to do first. In this case, click here.
You are planning to leave a toxic job but have no idea about the next step to take. If so, click here.
You are considering whether to go back to full-time education. In this case, click here.
You want a career change, but you don’t know what to do and you don’t think you’re qualified enough to start somewhere else either. In this case, click here.
You just returned from a Gap Year and you basically don’t know what to do. If this is the case, click here.
You have doubts and questions about the job interview. If so, click here.
You need a CV makeover. If so, click here.
You are a psychopath. If so, click here.
You are a time waster. If so, click here.

• Programme Syllabus

1st Skype Session: Current situation assessment + career goal definition + skills and strengths assessment + CV and job offers’ scanning for keywords and industry terminology. You’ll be required to take at least one constructive action in the following 7 days.
2nd Skype Session: First action report + job market assessment for your industry and geographic area, including job offers, job boards, job bulletins, direct applications, recruitment agencies, LinkedIn. One weekly action to be taken.
3rd Skype Session: Second action report + full application training, including: how to apply for jobs quickly, how to approach a recruiter, how to use LinkedIn to land job interviews, how to work with agency recruiters, how to find a recruiters’ contact details + defining a detailed schedule of the actions you will take.

Please note: This is the basic programme syllabus. If 3 sessions are not enough for you and/or you have special requests and you wish to continue your training, I will offer you a personalised plan at the end of the standard programme. I don’t offer any random coaching or training, though. Every session must lead to a specific action & result.

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