Like an ice-cream dropped on the ground

Do you remember, back in the days, those musicians in their 20s who would refuse to make money by playing mainstream music?
You must have met at least one of them.
Ten or twenty years later, they are working at some investment bank and they’ve made good money, but each time you see them you wish to never have lived not to see where all this will end up.
It’d be better to think that they don’t exist – those former musicians – that they’ve never existed, together with all the days that have gone by just to never come back, so you wouldn’t have to work hard to forget them.
But you forgot a lot of things already.

You forgot what it was like not to hold your house’s keys because you were still too young, you forgot to tell the boy who sat next to you at school that you never talked to him because you loved him so much, so very much that you will never love anyone else this way again.
But now that you are an adult, you make fun of kids in love.
Now that you have won your fight to become yourself, do you remember why the kids who drop an ice-cream on the ground cry for hours and hours and hours, even after they are given a new ice-cream?
If you remember this, you will be saved.

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