The job market is just a market

Come on, don’t get grumpy njust because you have been told that you are a product and not that special human being with so much to offer to the right company in exchange for the opportunity to shine and fulfil your potential. Once you have accepted The Shortlisted’s Principle, you can successfully turn it to your advantage.

These 5 Supreme Truths about the job market will help you get back on track, focus on your job search and, most importantly, help you take care of your self-esteem which – I know well – it’s the hardest thing to save when you look for a job.

The 5 Supreme Truths About the Job Market

1) Learn  Why The Job Market is Not Fair.

Like any other market out there, the job market is simply a market, and not a universe of opportunities or a way for you to achieve your dreams. But if you accept it for what it really is, you can, of course, find multiple ways to achieve your dreams.

2) Like any other market, the job market is there to generate profits.

Paid leave, holidays, benefits, free iPhones and other decorations only exist to prevent a further labour revolution while keeping you motivated to perform your job well. Make sure you fully understand this and don’t take decorations for generous gifts. Be happy with your gym membership and don’t think about Revolution.

3) Your only opportunity to turn the job market to your advantage is identifying the right job for yourself.

I haven’t said the most well-paid, I haven’t said the one with the most decorations either. Or any job that you can do. I have said a job that you want to do, and for the right reasons, which are your values and genuine interests. The right job for you is a job your inner child would not be ashamed of.

4) Because we are in an overcrowded job market, in order to reach the right job for yourself, you are likely to be screened just like a piece of hand luggage at Heathrow.

Who is screening you? In the first instance, it’s the seller looking for a perfectly polished product to present to the buyer. Here comes our old friends, the sneaky bald recruiters.

5) Recruiters, whether bald or not, are not your friends.

This is possibly the most important point not to miss, so repeat with me: recruiters, whether bald or not, are not your friends. They are nothing more than salesmen interested in earning a commission by selling you to an employer. This may be hard to keep in mind as they paint themselves as kind-hearted people wanting to get you that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It doesn’t help either that they treat you as if you were old schoolmates, when you weren’t, you aren’t and you’ll never be in a million years. A market seller is not friends with his pears. He takes care of them until they can be sold, then he throws them away. You are the product, remember. You are the pear, mate.

Pears are not Peers.

By playing by these rules, you pick a path for the right reasons, you don’t ever lose your self-esteem and you do your best to present yourself appropriately to recruiters, so they’ll get you the job interview.

Then, if the job was meant for you, it will work.

And if it won’t, you’ll have to try again. At the end of the day, it’s just another job interview. Look at me: I’ve had over 120 and am still alive.

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