Just Another Pointless Blog Post Before I Shut Up for the Summer

Exactly like last year, I’ll leave you in peace for the Summer.

These are going to be my activities until September:

 Fixing this website that is getting slower and slower (if you are an IT man, I might tell you to get in touch so we can discuss how much you want to fix it, but I know you’d say that you don’t have time for this. You are all the same. You never have time for me)

Figuring out what the hell I’m going to do with my life.

Reading at least half of the books I bought this year.

Getting tanned.

In the unlikely event that you miss me during this time, you could read a handful of my favourite articles published in this magazine:

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Or, if you are one of those people who say things like Christmas is a commercial holiday, you might well try some of my unfavourite ones, those related to dreadful memories for whatever reasons:

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Anyway, during the whole Summer I will still be available to help – you should never work when it’s your birthday but no, I’m not going to say when my birthday is, since you perfectly know that I’m not a blogger.

I will still be active on Twitter when I’ll feel like it, and will also continue to accept Guest Posts, so if you have a great idea just feel free to drop me an email at silvia@the-shortlisted.co.uk, but please consider that any accepted article will be published from September on.

Last but least, you should definitely be listening to my wonderful YouTube Summer Playlist: 9 Songs for Job Seekers even if you are not a job seeker, and the reason you should be doing so is that I refrained myself from stuffing it with Take That songs.

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Ciao Ciao

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