Hello to you, my lovely journalist, blogger or well-mannered PR enthusiast.

If you are interested in what I do, well, you must be nuts. If you insist and you think we can do fantastic things together, please feel free to drop me an email at press@the-shortlisted.co.uk

I will be pleased to hear from you and am available for press interviews, blogger interviews and any other type of interviews apart from job interviews (you know, ha ha).

I might consider advertising your products or services solely, only and exclusively if I really feel they could be truly madly deeply beneficial for my wonderful readers.

In order to meet such criteria, they must be genuinely useful, honest and authentic. I detest planned obsolescence gadgets made to be broken, and won’t care about any sordid service born to overcharge people desperate to get a job. And please, before submitting me anything, always keep in mind that I’m not a blogger.

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