Saving Mr Gelato. And Your Soul

To be saved, certain things need to be left behind.

You need to accept that you cannot carry them all with you, you have to forget about them for a while and keep everything for yourself, only for yourself, because no one will understand you.

They’ll tell you to stop horsing around, to man up, that it’s just an ice-cream cone, that you can buy ice-cream cones in most places in the world.
Don’t ever try to tell them that it’s not true, that ice-cream will never be gelato, because gelato is a mindset.

It’s a mindset you’ve acquired since you were a toddler and you used to have gelato every day or so, in every season, and it was never planned, because Gelaterias are everywhere there where you were born, and the whipping cream is always complimentary, and you can choose as many flavours as you want, and it’s always so bloody delicious and so bloody cheap.

And I mean, I am not saying that Rome is always sunny, but if you don’t bump in the November Rain season, you’re fine. You are always fine with your gelato, riding your third-hand moped, and it’s so weird that no one around has an accent that you don’t understand as you walk down the street.
Carrying your gelato.

Once you’ve got this inside your heart, you must protect and save it wherever you move to.

How can you? You simply give up your gelato when you’re abroad.

You let it go.

And you go for a Brownie.

Because the expensive ice-cream charged by the scoop, or the cheap industrial Magnum made with palm oil, will never be gelato.
This is why I never have ice-cream in London.

Had I known how to save my soul the same way I’m saving Mr Gelato, I would have avoided the most stupid decisions. You know, it’s like those musicians who used to refuse to get paid to play crap music when they were in their 20s. I’m sure you must have met at least one of them. Well, 10 years later they work in an investment bank, and they’ve made good money, but you suddenly feel so sorry for them, and you also feel old and ugly, and you want to cry and you don’t know why.

It’s the same thing I’ve done to my writing in the past, because I knew I couldn’t make a living by writing novels only, so I sold the most precious pieces of my soul to the worst people, for the worst purposes, and for very bad money too – while I was still feeling so cool for refusing to work for a gambling company.

Don’t do the same bullshit, don’t rubbish your soul just because this is what you are supposed to be doing.

Save your soul just like I’m saving Mr Gelato.

The Shortlisted Saving Mr Gelato

© The Shortlisted – 2016

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