Seasonal colour analysis: find the best colours for a job interview

Do you remember that I interviewed a quite famous colour expert last month, do you? Well, as she talked quite a lot about the Colour Analysis to find the best colours for you to wear, she eventually thought it’d be interesting for me to try their Colour Analysis Consultation and then to tell you what it’s like.

Maggie Robson color analysis test professional in London

A colourful lady teaching me plenty of great things.

Actually, colours are very important for job seekers and job changers. You look better, you feel better. You feel better, you look better. And even if you are not interested in looking better, if you are looking for a new job you will definitely need to feel a bit better.

So, listen to this, because it happens that colours can make you feel better (or feeling worse, if you pick the wrong ones). I got this appointment with Maggie Robson in her beautiful house located in a posh land of Mercedes and BMW in Elmstead. She is a very energetic woman, she should actually sell stuff on the telly – I don’t know if she does, but she should, definitely. She also has a bit of British humour, so it’s really cool to have her around for over two hours. Yeah, the colour consultation takes at least two hours. The first thing she does is taking your coat off you and getting you a tea. The second is explaining you the next three stages: the colour analysis, the make up analysis and the colour rating.

★ The colour analysis

Season colour analysis test in London

Mind-blowing colour analysis stuff…

She puts you on a dentist-style armchair and she starts bringing coloured fabrics close to your face like if you needed a bib. Then the magic happens: she tries and tries all the possible colours again until she detects what colour season you are among Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Each of these seasons has a particular colour palette you’ll look great in. You’ll also get to know how ugly you can look if you pick the wrong colours. And it’s all true, I guarantee.

Season color analysis quiz in London

Do you need a bib?

It turned out I am Autumn, and I found out that my wardrobe already stocks some of those colours. Maggie says that we all instinctively know what colours roughly work on us – and she’s right.

But unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent us from committing so many shopping mistakes. I still remember this violet dress that vegetated in my wardrobe without being worn for a decade until a friend spotted it and discovered that it looked stunning on her (and horrible on me).

I obviously gave the dress to her – along with 7 pairs of wrong-sized socksThis drives me crazy. You are never allowed to just buy one pair of socks. They always get sold in a 7-pair pack, so if you get the size wrong, you’ll have to throw 14 socks away, until a Winter friend shows up.

★ The make-up session

House of colour seasonal colour analysis test in London

What colour season are you?

Maggie tries some of the makeup colours that look best on you, according to your palette. For me, she picked this very orange/red lipstick that just felt like Cindy Lauper, and I wanted it off my mouth, immediately – but then she brought this similar orange/red fabric close to my face, and I suddenly looked amazing with that same lipstick. It’s impressive, to say the least.

★ The colour rating

To end with, Maggie tries your best (Autumn, in my case) colours again on you, and she determines how they rate on you.

Kettlewell seasonal colour analysis test in London

Oooh yes.

If a colour rates 100% on you, like for example Dark Brown on me, you can wear a coat in that colour – if it rates 75% you can wear a dress if it’s a 50% you can buy a top and so on. She insisted I should wear more Forest Green but I fear I’d look like a Santa’s little helper if I would.

At the end, you leave with your personalised palette and an FBI-style beautiful leather wallet featuring your best colours that you can bring with you when you go shopping. This costs £130, and I can say it’s a completely fair price for what you get. I mean, physically, you get a very pleasant afternoon with Maggie or another colour stylist, and you also take some print material and your colours’ wallet away with you. Behind this, you get much more: you learn how to compliment yourself and how to stop committing shopping mistakes for good – and especially when a job interview is on the horizon.

Funny color wheel cartoon

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