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Maggie Robson color analysis test professional in London

Maggie Robson

Seasonal colour analysis, or skin-tone matching, is a powerful and useful test to learn more about what colours you should wear and what colours you should avoid, based on your skin undertoned, eye colour and a lot of other features. You can either be a Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, based on what colours look good on you.

When I was living in Bromley, UK, and after I interviewed colour expert Melissa Nicholson, I was invited by the lovely Maggie Robson in her beautiful Elmstead house to review the seasonal colour analysis.
It takes around two hours to complete a full season colour consultation analysis, which includes three stages: the colour analysis, the makeup analysis and the colour rating.

★ The colour analysis

Season colour analysis test in London

Maggie puts you on a dentist-style armchair and brings coloured fabrics close to your face. Then the magic happens: she tries and tries all the existing colours again until she detects what colour season you are – if a Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

Each season has a specific colour palette you’ll look great in. You’ll also get to know how ugly you can look if you pick the wrong colours.

Season color analysis quiz in London

It turned out I am an Autumn; Maggie says that we all instinctively know what colours roughly work on us, and in fact, I found out that my wardrobe already stocks pretty much all the colours belonging to the Autumn palette.

★ The make-up session

Maggie searches the makeup colours that may look best on you, according to your palette. For me, she picked this very orange/red lipstick I didn’t like, but when she brought a similar orange/red fabric close to my face, I suddenly looked OK wearing that same lipstick.
But I also looked like Cyndi Lauper.

★ The colour rating

To end with, Maggie tries your best (Autumn, in my case) colours again on you, to determine how well they rate on you.

Kettlewell seasonal colour analysis test in London

If some colour rates 100% on you, like for example Dark Brown on me, you can wear everything – for example a coat – in that particular colour – if it rates 75% you can wear a full dress if it’s a 50% you can buy a top and so on. She insisted I should wear more Forest Green.
See? I always said I’d have a future as a Santa’s little helper.

In the end, you go home with your personalised palette and an FBI-style beautiful leather wallet featuring the best colours. You can bring your colour wallet with you when you go shopping. The House of Colours season colour consultation cost £130 at the time I had it, and I can say that – although this has been free for me – it’s a completely fair price for what you get: a very pleasant afternoon with Maggie or another colour stylist, and a lot of print materials and your colours’ wallet. Not to mention you’ll finally stop committing shopping mistakes, especially when a job interview is on the horizon.

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