September, Bloody September + Your Autumn Guest Bloggers

If you are wondering whether I must have attended a U2 music show recently to come up with this pathetic title, the answer is yes (yeah, I was dying to tell it everybody and no, it’s not all Take That in my life), but the fact is that it’s September again and I don’t have anything significantly different to say than what it was already said a year ago in Why September is a Stupid and Overrated Month You Care Way Too Much About.

Yes, you need to click on the link if you want to know how to survive this heartless month, because if I duplicate the post I’ll get blacklisted by Mr Google – well, at least this is what my SEO-friendly friends say all the time (Cheers, Rob).

But I’ve still got plenty of September news for you, since I have been inundated with a lot of excellent guest posts during the Summer, and a ton of (free) useful tips & stories are coming your way in the next weeks.

★ Your Autumn Guest Bloggers ★

 David Beck is a Melbourne-based IT recruiter who loves writing. He submitted a great guest post ages ago, so I promised he would be the first to get published once back to school 🙂
♦ His first guest post, titled 7 Tips on How to Write a Technical Resume will be published on Monday 25th September (aka, next week).

Sabrina Clark is the Marketing Director of She is a very American girl and is definitely the best person out there to tell you how to use effective personal branding to find new job opportunities.
♦ Her first guest post, titled How to Build Your Personal Brand & Boost Your Career will be published on Monday 2nd October.

Andrew Carter is a novelist and so am I, so I can fully relate to his concerns about life and the universe – you know, we silly people still wanting to save the world instead of getting a proper job to stop starving; the story he shares here will make a big inspiration for the little idealist inside your heart.
♦ His first guest post, titled The Graduate Dream will be published on Monday 9th October.

Gareth Simpson sounds like such a funny and lively guy to meet up with for a coffee. He is an SEO expert and will probably be horrified by my ruminations about Mr Google beating me with a broom for having duplicated a blog post.
♦ His first guest post, titled Yes Or No: Should You Add Your Blog to Your CV?  will be published on Monday 16th October.

Roberto Popolizio is nobody new here and someone with a lot of patience as well. I mean, he still has enough self-control to deal with me after all the mess that anticipated the publication of his first guest post 5 Reasons You Should Not Use Freelancing Platforms & 5 Things to Do Instead. If you want to know something more about him, check out his bio here.
♦ His second guest post, titled 10 Tips to Start Your Translation Career will be published on Monday 23th October.

The Shortlisted September

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