Why September is a Stupid and Overrated Month You Care Way Too Much About

Every September I get astigmatism and myopia. I can’t see beyond the end of my nose, and that is only because every September I ask myself where the hell I am going to do, and each time I have no answers. It’s been like that every single September since I left the Uni.

In October I am fine again.

September means new plans, new jobs, new homes, new haircuts.
September means socks again (well, not in the UK. Only weak Europeans wear socks in the UK.).
September means that the summer is over, and when the summer is over, a whole year is over, too.
And you get one year older.

The beginning of September is like New Year’s Eve but without the booze.
A lot of pressure, man. A lot of overrated, stifling and unjustified pressure, if you think about that.

Just look at the calendar and you’ll perfectly tell how they left everything and anything for September just to take the piss.

● January is for the January Blues.
● February is for Valentine’s.
● March is for Spring.
● April is for Easter.
● May is for Bank Holidays.
● June is for Mild Summer.
● July is for Medium Summer.
● August is for Serious Summer.
☠ September is.
● October is for Halloween.
● November is for looking forward to Christmas.
● December is for Christmas.

It’s a big cheat, it really is. It’s so pointless to book as many as two full months to get prepared for just one Christmas day, plus one extra depressing month just to recover from the festive season and feel crap.

It’s so pointless to stress people out for nearly everything in the month they are physiologically prone to get sad because the summer is over.

The truth is that you won’t get to clean up the mess in your head only because it’s September, so instead of worrying, just go out.

And enjoy the last pieces of sun.

The Shortlisted September

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