Why September is the worst month

September, bloody September.
If you wonder whether I must have attended a U2 live show recently to come up with this pathetic line, the answer is yes.
I was dying to tell everybody how great seeing Bono & company live in Rome last July has been, and that no, it’s not all Take That in my life, but the point here is that September sucks.
September is, by far, the worst.
September is the cruellest month.

September means new plans but old holiday romances.
September means socks (apart from the UK: only weak Europeans wear socks in the UK).
September means that the summer is over, and when the summer is over, a whole year is over, too.
And you immediately feel one year older.

Just look at the calendar and you’ll see how whoever invented the calendar itself truly had nasty plans about September:

● January is for the January Blues.
● February is for Valentine’s.
● March is for Spring.
● April is for Easter.
● May is for Bank Holidays.
● June is for Mild Summer.
● July is for Medium Summer.
● August is for Seriously Hot Summer.
☠ September is.
● October is for Halloween.
● November is for looking forward to Christmas.
● December is for Christmas.

They reserved more than two full months to prepare for one Christmas day, plus another extra month to recover from it.

In any case, you won’t clean up the mess in your head only because it’s September, so instead of worrying, just go out and try to enjoy the last bits of sun.

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