The 10 most read articles in 2019

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The Shortlisted Magazine wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and brings together the 10 articles you liked most in 2019 ^_^

10. How to style your hair for a job interview

It sounds like the stupidest of clichés, but that’s it. The class of guys running after you when you’re blonde is definitely not the same you attract if you’re a brunette…

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9. The 29 funniest job interview cartoons

Don’t try to be friends with the ones whose jobs involve reporting on each and every argument, debate, clash or kiss happening in the workplace. You would naturally despise them in a world where the Unions and the collective bargaining hadn’t be traded for what(ever) is making you declare that your sworn enemies are plastic straws.

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8. Would you do THIS to meet Take That?

I was carrying around an old copy of Everything Changes, a Take That album that was released back in 1993, and they looked at it suspiciously as if Robbie Williams might have jumped out of the cover to punch them in the face.

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7. How to hit your career goals like a Smurf – by Dominika Miernik

If you want your dreams to come true, you should be 100% committed to them.
I know life can be challenging and that sometimes can be a bit tricky to stay true to yourself and your goals, so just start by making a genuine commitment to yourself. Keep your word for yourself, then take action.

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6. What being a mistress for 149 days will teach you about your career

It’s funny, in a way. People accuse you of doing something they consider completely wrong and then they blame you for stopping.

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5. How to deal with jerks and idiots at work – by Roberto Popolizio

Some idiots may show off a wide range of supernatural skills, such as the ability to time travel. This is the case every time a pretentious asshole expects some highly time-consuming job to be done by yesterday.

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4. Story of my life

To everyone’s surprise, I didn’t get fired. I left the building with a proud grin on the face just to burst into tears around the corner. I cried my heart out for three million years. Had I waited for one more fraction of second, I would have smashed the bloody clocking machine into his damn face.

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3. Interview with Prince’s musical director Morris Hayes

Any rock and pop lover, as well as any human being in their right mind in this poor world, will remember with endless sadness that bastard leap year known as 2016. In 366 days alone, we lost three music giants such as Prince, David Bowie, George Micheal – not to mention other amazing artists like Leonard Cohen. As if the distress itself wasn’t enough, the curtain closed on their lives in the most atrociously sarcastic way.

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2. How to work for Santa Claus in Finland

If you’re old enough to remember, doesn’t it feel weird not to have totally forgotten how it used to be? I know the same applies to life before mobile phones and Facebook and wrinkles – but doesn’t it sound like we were all born carrying a “single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 8 inches x 8 inches”?

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1. The day I didn’t interview Lord Sugar

As the golden boy finally opens the door, all of a sudden it’s like if someone has just splashed a pint of men’s fragrance right on my face. Without my consent, that arrogant smell goes all over and under my skin and I wonder what I’ll have to do now to take it out of my hair and neck. I would really have a hard time convincing a hypothetical boyfriend that I didn’t cheat on him.

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