The One

I guess you know
What I mean
It’s like when you say
That you want a job
The one job
Anyone else wants
It’s like when you try to repeat yourself
That you’d be mad not to jump at the opportunity
The one opportunity
Anyone else would take without hesitation
It’s like when you try to answer the same old question
That sounds like
Are you happy?!
Or are you just about to list all the things that separate you from that one true happiness?
Like if you ever really knew what true happiness was
And now tell me
What makes a good car
A good job
A good weekend
A man that follows the recipe
On how to set the exact number of lies and omissions
To make your heart skip a beat
And be the fourth bastard in a row
It’s like when you try to repeat to that heart
That arm wrestling has never rhymed with love
And when someone wants to be the One this way
He becomes No One.

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