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Everyone is telling me not to do that, but since whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong, I’m going for it.
So, here you go: The Shortlisted has turned into a proper online magazine, because the fact that you still ignore my eye colour and also you don’t know whether I drink coffee or tea can only mean one thing:

I am not a blogger and this is not a blog.

My CV says that I have been a journalist since the age of 19, and neither the word blog or blogger have ever appeared on anything related to myself, so I think it will pay to become totally honest, turning this website into a proper digital career magazine with more varied pieces of content and see what happens.

From today on, there will be a dedicated space for external contributors and guest bloggers, so if you have something relevant to say, this is the chance to apply and become a contributor or a guest blogger for The Shortlisted Magazine.

What I want from you is your honest and truthful story or comment about career, employment or recruitment. What I offer is full exposure on the magazine & the marketing channels, including social media & newsletters.

How to become a contributor for The Shortlisted Magazine:

✦ You have something to say. Don’t laugh. You must have something worth saying.

✦ You are truthful, honest & wonderful.

✦ You can write in plain British English and, if you are American like 29% of my readers, you accept that I’ll turn your metres into yards without feeling too colonised and upset.

✦ The content you publish here must not be duplicated anywhere.

✦ Please don’t confuse this guest blogging programme with the advertising scheme.

Interested? Drop me an email at [email protected] without enclosing your CV.

Here are the amazing guest posts published so far in The Shortlisted Magazine.

* Please note that this is a guest blogging opportunity offered on a voluntary basis.

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