The Shortlisted Becomes a Magazine & Seeks Guest Bloggers

Everyone is telling me not to do that, but since whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong, I’m going for it.
So, here you go: The Shortlisted turns into an online magazine, because the fact that you still ignore my eye colour and also don’t know whether I drink coffee or tea can only mean one thing:

I am not a blogger and this is not a blog.

And I already apologised for this in my first ever blog post.

13 years in journalism made their damn impact as I realised that I have always treated The Shortlisted like a weekly mag – so, even if I am yet to decide how often the website will be updated, I know I am turning it into a proper digital magazine with more varied pieces of content instead of a regular weekly blog post.

The restyling will also include a space for external contributors and guest bloggers, so if you have something relevant to say, this is the chance to apply and become a contributor or a guest blogger for The Shortlisted.

What I want from you is your honest and truthful story or comment about careers and recruitment. What I offer is full exposure on the magazine & my marketing channels, including social media & newsletters.

How to become a contributor for The Shortlisted:

✦ You have something to say. Don’t laugh. You must have something worth saying.

✦ You are truthful, honest & wonderful.

✦ You can write in plain British English and, if you are American like 29% of my readers are, you accept that I’ll turn your metres into yards without feeling too colonised and upset.

✦ If you run a blog and want a backlink to your website, it’s fine, but the content you publish here must not be duplicated anywhere else, or Mr Google will kick me out its first page, and I’ll kick you out this website forever.

Interested? Drop me an email at without enclosing your CV.

Here are the amazing guest posts published so far in the magazine.

* Please note that this is a guest blogging opportunity offered on a voluntary basis.

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