A useless and pointless blog post before I shut up for a while

5 has always been my number – I don’t know if a lucky or an unlucky one  – I guess it all depends on the way you look at things, because each of the following might actually be a blessing.
Or not.

★ I was born on the 5th (I let you wonder about the month and year – it’s all part of not being a blogger, you know).

★ Two of the London houses I have been happy in are located at number 5 somewhere South East. The one I have been miserable in stands at number 120E (hopefully it’d get demolished) – but this one was in Bloody Bromley, which is technically not in London and which is practically shit. Apologies again to my friend Sam who is from there and loves the area so much. He says Bromley has good schools and facilities.

★ I first kissed all of my exes on the 5th or the 25th of all different months – which would definitely be enough of a reason to screw the number 5 up forever (Mr Right, make sure you show up either on the 7th, 19th or 31st if you want to be taken seriously).

★ When I quit the blue-carpeted office with windows sealed with cement, I waited until the 5th of the month to hand my notice. But they wouldn’t have given a damn in any case. The day I left they ordered Domino’s. Not Papa John’s. Domino’s, the plastic pizza on delivery. I will never forgive them.

★ I launched this website on the 5th January 2016.

★ None of my three books was published on the 5th even if I so wished. But kid, be careful what you wish for.

It goes without saying that the 5th December is the perfect day to write such a useless and pointless blog post (surprised I am that you are still reading it) before I shut up for a while as I try to take care of the following:

♥ My clients. Ángel and Daniela, if you don’t stop doubting yourselves, I am going to pull your ears. With a plumbing crimp tool (yes guys, the both of you just google it).

This blog turning into an online magazine. I don’t know yet what this actually means, but I know that there is a lot of work to do.

♥ The dozens of guest post ideas that came my way after last week’s call for guest bloggers. 

♥ Chasing a number of VIPs I want to interview.

The Apprentice. Hope that either Grainne or Alana will win.

Christmas decorations.

During this time I will still be active on Twitter with my pathetical tweets from The Catcher in the Rye (OK, I promise I will start reading something else. No, it’s not true).

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