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I got a job in two weeks!

What can I say? The help and support Silvia has offered me while reviewing my CV and cover letter has been simply great. Before contacting her, I kept on sending dozens of applications without any strategy, obviously getting no response even for jobs I was almost perfect for. Well, not only was she able to underline my skills and my previous work experience and education, but also to tailor my applications making them more attractive for employers. Last but not least, she worked hard to motivate me as I was starting to feel very depressed and frustrated after so many failed attempts... Any result? In two weeks time, I got a really good job! Just a coincidence? Don't think so!

Benedetto Antuono, Digital and social media industry 9th June 2015

A personal Copernican revolution!

The Shortlisted is an absolute must-read for job seekers and a valuable source of clever, candid and unreservedly straightforward insights on how to effectively approach the job market.
Silvia not only did a great job reviewing my resume, highlighting my unique and transferable skills in a functional and compelling way, but also helped me re-evaluate my strengths and skills from a different, more objective perspective. Every time I send my new CV, I get contacted for an interview: the "shortlisted", indeed! A personal Copernican revolution which enabled me to discover and unleash my true potential in order to embark with confidence on a new professional path.

Giovanna G., Marketing & Sales industry 11th April 2016

Mille Grazie! 🙂

Although I am based in Frankfurt, Germany, I needed a CV in English as I am applying for jobs in international organisations where often a CV in English is required even for positions in Germany.
In addition, I intend to change industry so I needed help. Silvia changed the focus of my CV and also wrote a convincing cover letter. Both documents look very professional and what was even more important to me was our Skype session. I know how important it is to have a job that matches my personality and values at least to a certain extent. However, I also need a new job so I tend to panic and forget that. Silvia helped me to remember and focus on the criteria which are important to me in a job. Mille grazie! 🙂

Nina Herget, Investment Banking industry 12th April 2016

100% success: I got the first job I applied for

I spent one year looking for a new job in my industry, but despite applying for many roles that matched my skills, I had never even reached the interview stage... until the day I contacted Silvia.
She has been able to synthesise my skills and experience in a way I would have never been able to: she summarised the most important information of my resume in two pages only. She also included a part dedicated to the soft skills I had neglected although this is essential to find a job in the UK and Ireland. The cover letter is also clear and aligned to the CV, as well as easy to personalise to apply to different jobs.
Everything has been so effective that I got my first job interview after sending my new CV for the first time! Also, thanks to the job interview training, advice and tips Silvia provided me, I eventually got that same job, and I'm now working in Ireland!

Eleonora Paulicelli, Radiology industry 13th September 2016

Her professional yet hilarious approach led me to say...

I was so impressed by the first free review of my CV Silvia promptly sent me after a couple of days. She went straight to the point in a professional yet hilarious approach that led me to say "Yes, I want her to do a full review of my CV and make it super appealing". After the detailed analysis of my CV we did together on Skype, the following week she sent me my new CV and cover letter. I started applying the same evening and the day after I got an interview for the job I really wanted. In less than 2 weeks from there, I started my new amazing job. Silvia is great!

Federica De Luca, Food & Beverage industry 15th September 2016

Tremendously Honest, Competent and Forward-thinking

I’ve been working for the same company in Italy for the last 6 years, so when I decided I wanted to move to London, I was lost because I had never even applied for a job in my own country, and I had no clue about where to start from.
I’ve covered many different roles in my current company, so I thought that my professional profile was not enough defined or specialised, especially for the competitive London job market.
I spent almost one year modifying my resume without even sending a single candidature (my sister still mocks me saying I was writing the “Holy Bible”); until a friend of mine recommended Silvia to me, to better understand the possibilities I might have in London.
She helped me so much focusing on my strengths and my transferable skills; she did such an amazing job reviewing my resume from scratch, teaching me how to write a cover letter and how to deal with job interviews. I wish I had contacted her before, and I would never be grateful enough for her help.
I strongly recommend Silvia to anyone who is looking for a career enhancement or change; she really knows what she's talking about!

Valentina M., Marketing & Sales industry 21st September 2016

I got the interview AND the job!

I am very impressed with the ability Silvia has to bring out the best in job seekers. She outlined my skills and experience in a perfect way to ensure success in my applications.
Moreover, she is a constant source of practical advice and… self-esteem! Thanks to her help, I am now much more self-confident as I eventually overcame my fear of job interviews... I got the job interview AND the job I purchased the service for! I would definitely recommend Silvia to any job seeker in the UK and beyond!

Maya Santamaria, Media analysis industry 13th September 2016

Silvia, you rock!

Silvia loaded a machine gun with all my information that was previously written in a boring and wordy way, and then she “shot” everything out in a super-efficient way, bringing the reader to scan my CV easily! Now you can get everything in just a few seconds!!! In addition to this wise killer-action, she supported me with great humanity throughout the process, and she also made sure I was satisfied after receiving my new CV. Silvia, you rock!

Marta Oggero, Psychology industry 13th September 2016

My CV looked nothing more than an incomplete summary...

Silvia is so professional, skilled and eager to help you to improve your CV and give you a boost to your presentation in general! She has a talent for understanding people, she is kind and well-wishing. My CV looked nothing more than an incomplete summary of my story, and she turned it into an impressive certification of my skills and professional experience that earned me an amazing job offer in just a couple of days. I wish to thank her for her excellent service and express my happiness to be in touch with her.

Carolina Figini, Translation & Localisation Industry 2nd July 2017

Thanks for the excellent work!

After sending out the CV written by Silvia, I started getting more job interviews. My previous CV was not as effective when it came to communication and especially appearance (graphic design is not my thing!).
With a brand new resume that correctly highlights my skills, I have been able to find a perfect job in a very short time, knocking on several doors. Now that I have eventually been hired, the CV remains a useful document to have, as it summarises ten years of experiences effectively.
It's an investment I would recommend to anyone.
Thanks for the excellent work!

Valeria Barbuto, Bakery & Pastry industry 23rd October 2016

I am an asylum seeker from one of the poorest countries in the world...

I am a refugee from one of the poorest nations in the world and I spent the last 3 years looking for a job in my host country, without any success. I even returned to school to learn the local language and get a recognised diploma, I took part in a course to become a pizza maker, but there was still no job for me out there. I became helpless and depressed, but then, two months after meeting Silvia, I found not one, but as many as three jobs, two as a pizzaiolo and the third as a security guard! I cannot be more grateful. Nobody has ever done anything like this for me.

Paul Coulibaly, Restaurant Trade & Security Industry 2nd July 2017

She perfectly knows what she is doing

I am extremely impressed with the whole service I received from The Shortlisted. Silvia is amazing, friendly, fast and efficient. She perfectly knew how to transform my CV as she translated exactly what I wanted to say into professional words. She also helped me to consider my working experiences from a more objective perspective. I now feel so much more confident to apply for new jobs. I highly recommend her service!

Eleonora Romano, Science sector 10th May 2016

I got my dream job in the City!

The CV and covering letter The Shortlisted provided to me have been outstanding and a great value for money. My new CV outlines my industry experience, qualifications and knowledge, and the covering letter I used to apply for my current job in finance has helped me so much to get the interview, and eventually the job itself! Through a number of assessments on Skype, Silvia properly prepared me for my job search and helped me bringing to the table some particulars of my background and experience I didn't think I could include in my CV, that was genius 🙂
In every moment I felt she was involved in the process and interested in make me trust myself to show all my qualities to the interviewer.
She has been great and she made me understand the most important thing to survive in the unscrupulous and inhuman market of the HR: that you have to believe in yourself, and that if you are not shortlisted for the job it's only because the job is not good enough for yourself. Thanks for your service Silvia, and for helping me to believe in myself, I finally found my dream job in the City. Many thanks Silvia!

Sergi Coll, Finance industry 12th January 2016

Silvia changed my vision

Before discovering The Shortlisted, I applied for around 50 jobs and got only a few responses, all negative. I got so discouraged to think I was not competitive enough for London's job market. My vision has completely changed since I contacted Silvia and decided to have my CV rewritten. She is straightforward and tells you also things that you may not like, but you can tell she really wants to help you. Her straight talking is so different from the way of talking of all the recruiters I spoke to and it's so useful if you are really looking for a solution. I realized I was applying for the wrong jobs in industries I was not really fond of, and also, my CV was not well written at all. I signed up for the CV writing service and got a fantastic new CV. Then a couple of companies contacted me, and I got a nice offer shortly after. I would recommend The Shortlisted to everyone!

Antonella Melillo, E-commerce industry 11th July 2015

It made the difference! I got hired within 10 days!

I was looking for a more senior role in my sector for over 3 months, but I was struggling to secure interviews. So I decided to explore the possibility of giving my CV a facelift. I was speaking with a colleague of mine at work who highly recommended Silvia at The Shortlisted, who will basically re-write your CV from scratch, will tailor it to the jobs you are applying for and eventually will format it beautifully. What I can say is that the end product was superb, it looked stunning; well laid out, plenty of bold headings and keywords to showcase my skills and experience, a stylish & clear font used, very well written in English with no spelling or grammar mistakes. Not only did Silvia delivered a quality CV but she installed a newly found confidence in me and subsequently I got interviews within a week and was offered a position a few days later. I highly recommend this service.

Tommy T., Recruitment industry 6th July 2015

I think about myself in a different way!

The resume work was really helpful, and definitely made a difference in how I have started presenting myself (and even how I am thinking about myself!)

Terri H., Arts industry 12th May 2016

Totally recommended

I kept sending a boring, incomplete resume and got obviously poor results despite my good experience. Silvia effectively helped me not just to rewrite my CV and cover letter, but also to highlight the pros and cons of my past resume and, most importantly, she made me understand what my dream job really is. I am now ready to go and look for new challenges with my motivation boosted, a realistic vision of my experience and more than a few valuable tips to face recruiters and HR people. Totally recommended.

Valerio Celletti, Digital Marketing industry 20th January 2016

And the cover letter is the cherry on the cake!

I've just received my new CV and it's so fantastic that I'd just want to make it ugly! Silvia did a great job, really, I thank her from the bottom of my heart - and the cover letter she wrote for me is actually the cherry on the cake! I'm really satisfied and overjoyed!!

Silvia Tavecchio, Accounting industry 19th April 2016

A truly remarkable qualitative leap

I found the service that lovely Silvia offered me extremely professional, detailed and perfectly aligned to my needs. The change has been radical: a truly remarkable qualitative leap. I am very confident that I will achieve a greater visibility and receive positive feedback on my CV, and I recommend everyone to use this service.

Marianna D'Andrea, Sales industry 26th May 2016

I found my first proper job

Silvia helped me to rewrite my CV by highlighting the key points and relevant details of my previous experiences. The process really increased the value of my CV, and it's just thanks to her if I found my first proper job in Brussels!

Yulia Dorofeeva, EU institutions 18th June 2015

The very next day I was called for job interviews!

At that time, I was desperately looking for a job in the industries of retail, customer care or travel, but no one called me, so I needed to rewrite my resume from scratch to make it more appealing. The same evening that Silvia finished my CV makeover I sent out loads of applications, and the very next day they started calling me to schedule job interviews!

Francesca Pantusa, Retail and Customer Care industry 18th June 2015

My sister was right, she is great!

I am a Neurologist and I really struggled to get my resume noticed. I didn't understand why all the private clinics I contacted just ignored my applications despite my excellent qualifications. My sister Francesca, who had previously had her CV done by The Shortlisted, wondered whether the problem might be my resume, and we both realized that this was the case, as the document looked messy, too essential and not professional at all, so she contacted Silvia for me. I have to admit that I really put the girl in trouble as the information I first provided was not sufficient nor easy to sort out; however, she did a great job, she is professional, fast and turned out to be very helpful. I am so glad I turned to her, as now my resume looks completely different so I can finally apply for jobs without worry too much! My sister was right, she is great! Thanks Silvia 🙂

Maria Pantusa, Healthcare industry 18th April 2016

I feel ready to take on the job market

I sat down for a CV reviewing session with Silvia and was thoroughly impressed with the result. She has not only helped me by inspiring confidence in my CV but also in my professional background. Before making any change, she always listened to what I wanted and discussed it with me. Her knowledge of the recruitment industry is impressive and she made changes to my CV that I would not myself have picked up on. I feel my CV is now perfect for an entry level marketing position or perhaps for a higher role, even considering that I have just graduated.

Sharon Nahal, Marketing industry 20th June 2015

My lack of academic education worried me

After getting my high school diploma, I did a variety of jobs in the retail and catering industry, but I struggled to figure out what I really wanted to do. When it came to applying for a sales job, I feared that my lack of academic education would prevent me to find a good role. Silvia rewrote my CV from scratch putting emphasis on my transferable skills, my client facing experience and my good people skills, rather than my education. As a result, I was called for several job interviews within the same week. She's really good at doing this, not surprisingly she is my sister!

Marco Pingitore, Sales industry 21st June 2015

My CV was already good, but I was missing the point of what makes me unique...

I am an Architectural Assistant and my CV was already quite well written, but I felt I was missing the point of highlighting what really makes me unique, which are my business skills combined with my free-hand drawing abilities, a big plus for this industry. Silvia helped me realize that and showed me how to pull it out in the open, making my skill section the most interesting part of my CV. I feel now more inspired and self-confident and I can see clearly where I want to go in my professional life.

Tsvetelina Todorova, Art & Architecture industry 11th July 2015

My daughter and sister were very impressed too

When I first moved to Houston, U.S., I applied for some 200 jobs. And within this past month, I've applied to about 100 jobs. You would think that with all those applications, I should get at least a few nibbles. But no. All I've gotten so far was a stream of rejection emails. I know that I would make a great employee and that I have an awesome skill set. So obviously there is something I am not doing right in letting potential employers know that. Silvia did an awesome job in re-crafting my resume and finding a focus that I didn't even think about. And the reason why I didn't think about it was that it's been part of my life for so long that I didn't even consider it. She especially specializes in folks like me -- people who are genetically hardwired to have multiple passions. Not only did I find it useful, but my daughter and sister were very impressed too!

Neringa Marija Atkinson, Metallurgical industry 16th March 2016

I feel more confident

Silvia helped me improve both my CV and cover letter giving me useful tips and ideas to catch the attention of potential employers. She created my outstanding CV with the right keywords and special terminology for my industry. She taught me how to adjust my cover letter for the specific jobs I am interested in. I am very grateful and happy with the knowledge she shared with me. I now feel more confident to apply for architectural jobs.

Lyuba Pekyanska, Architecture industry 9th June 2015

I got a prestigious job in the television industry

I asked Silvia to rewrite my CV in order to apply for a prestigious and rare job opportunity in the television industry in Italy. I am a professional writer, so my CV was mainly based on my publications and lacked structure and consistency. The section about skills was a bit confused too, and the section about education was too long. Silvia put all the elements in order and provided me with an impressive 2-page CV. None of my publications went missing, my education got the space it deserved... and I eventually got the job!

Paolo D., Publishing and Television industry 22nd June 2015

My CV was outdated and ugly...
I highly recommend this service. My resume was outdated and ugly… I found Silvia online and got very impressed with her credentials. She built an excellent cover letter and a wonderful CV for me, and I now feel more confident applying for jobs. Thank you.

Ali Zohaib, IT Industry 11th May 2017

Silvia is an excellent individual...

Silvia helped me improve my CV by offering me useful tips and ideas to catch the attention of potential employers. I had the opportunity of meeting Silvia while volunteering at JNRC, where I have been able to appreciate both her professional and personal values. She is an excellent individual, reliable and helpful.

Sayed Ali Hashemi, IT industry 14th October 2017

There is no comparison!!!
I initially prepared a CV by myself but the result was not good at all. So, after an in-depth career session, Silvia created a new CV and cover letter... and now there is no comparison! Thanks Silvia!!!

Giovanni Mellace, Civil Engineering Industry 1st November 2016