When random people insult your profession

I’m sure you know what sort of people I am talking about.
People who had almost everything much easier than our generation and, at the same time, are still young and lucky enough not to remember the war.
People who have always taken their rights for granted without ever wondering where did such rights come from. People who take pride in saying that they don’t know what Twitter is.
People who throw food in the bin the day before it expires.
People older than you but with absolutely nothing you can learn from.

People who consider a full array of professions and businesses and side hustles not even merely acceptable even if they make you millions and question you all the time about when you’re finally going to get a “proper job”.
Because for them, if you don’t have office stationery, a boss to complain about and the same damn place to commute to every damn Monday, all your business gigs, freelancing and consulting is just another form of modern Millennial-quasi-unemployment toward which no respect is due.

So, next time somebody insults your profession or passion, or both, just ask them what their dream job as a child was.
Whatever the answer, your revenge will lie in that quick flash that will cross their eyes and that responds to the name of failure.

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