When People Say That Your Job is Not a Job

In the past few weeks, four clients of mine got (exactly) the jobs they wanted. Eleonora got her radiography role in Dublin, Federica landed her business development job in Stockholm, Valeria is now a pastry chef in Rome, and Maya joined the London media analysis company she wanted to work for.

Girls earn less than men but they give their money to me so they can find a better job, and then they’ll want to change again and again. Men just stay where they are, crunching M&M’s and complaining about their uncomfortable shoes.

Anyway, when I told my aunt Alberta that I’ve had 4 happy clients in a couple of weeks, she was like: “Oh, and when are YOU going to get a job for yourself”?

That killed me.
You can make big money as a temporary cupcake decorator, you can run a billionaire YouTube channel, you can perfectly earn your life as a freelance pianist working only 3 months a year and covering the rest with gardening gigs, but no one will take you seriously.

There is a full range of jobs and businesses out there that are not considered as being jobs and businesses even if they pay your bills.
If you don’t have colleagues, office stationery and the same damn place to commute to every damn Monday, you will be considered just another modern unemployed who will eventually end up starving to death under the Tower Bridge.

Without even having a clue about your industry, people will announce that even though you had a lucky moment, this stuff won’t last, and why would you take all these unnecessary risks when you could just get a regular job?

I know people who earn a lot less than I, but they have a place to be forced to go to every morning.

I know people working for companies that are already bust and have not been paying them salaries for months.

I know people working off the books.

I know people commuting ridiculous distances to get into an office and doing absolutely nothing all day long.

If you ask them what their job title is, they’ll happily answer your question, and you can expect a flow of Executives, SWOT Analysis and corporate perks coming your way.

But just don’t ask them if they are happy.

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