Who are you really competing against?

It’s not only because I’ve just returned from a trip to the Hell (and it’s not because of Brexit either) but you know all that positive thinking crap like it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts? You know that stuff created by losers for losers in order to generate more losers?

Now, get this. Let’s say that you’re playing tennis doubles. It’s getting really intense when suddenly the other person gets a pigeon fooling right on their nose so they lose all the concentration.
And you win.
You are the winner, yes, you really are.
But your winning entirely relied on a pigeon’s diarrhoea.

And this isn’t an isolated case. Your winning always relies on external circumstances, simply because you are competing against the wrong person.
Actually, there is only 
one person on this planet you have to challenge, fight against and eventually win over. This person is neither your tennis mate nor the pigeon, your brother, your best friend, the receptionist. This person is you, you silly kid.

By competing against any other, you’re granting your very right to become a loser. In fact, in any external competition, your chances to lose are significantly higher than your chances to succeed.
A job. A short tales contest. The Olympic Games. You always have dozens, hundreds and thousands of people competing for a few medals or opportunities.
It’s the 80/20 rule: 80% of opportunities go to 20% of individuals.

And you know what, those who win will never tell you that it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts.
Those who win tell you that winning it’s amazing, because winning
is amazing.
After all, you didn’t train for 15 years to lose the Olympic Games; you didn’t apply for that job to get rejected.

Start competing with yourself, start challenging your insecure mindset fearing that you wouldn’t even reach the Olympic Games or the job interview stage. Dare to challenge yourself, your limiting beliefs and your comfort zone and you’ll suddenly turn into a winner, the only winner of your private competition.

Take me, for example, I hate making phone calls, it’s one of the things I hate the most along with broccoli and bad weather, but still, every time I eventually make a phone call without getting frozen to death I’m proud of myself, I am the winner. I wouldn’t be able to do this competition against anyone else; it’s just me challenging myself.
Compete with yourself and you’ll never be a loser again because your winning will finally rely exclusively on you.
Not on a pigeon’s poop.

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