Why I quit selling CV writing services

I know it sounds cheesy and fashion-bloggy, but when I launched this website and the CV Writing business that was attached to it back in 2015, I could have never predicted that so many people would trust me and my advice for their careers.

Until a short while ago, I was still able to manage to keep my Editor-in-chief job at a government magazine while doing the tons of free CV reviews people claimed, writing the many CVs people placed orders for, carrying out Skype interviews with clients, chasing PR people to interview celebrities, interviewing celebrities, transcribing celebrity interviews, recruiting people for the guest blogging scheme, edit their articles, drawing artworks to go with their articles, publishing both their stuff and mine, scheduling social media, volunteering at a bird charity and also – you know – having lunch from time to time.

Then, from March 2018 on, I reached a point of no return with nearly 10 requests per week, and was forced to consider whether getting full-time into career advice and CV writing.

Or not.

For the past 2+ years, I have offered a wide range of free and pay-for career advice services on this website that made over 120 people happy except for one (but she was completely nuts, believe me). I spent pretty much nothing in ads – and I really don’t know what happened out there, because at some point I had more clients than readers.

I always say that it’s not because you are good at doing something that you should be doing that particular thing – and maybe the time has come for me to follow this advice.

I spent a couple of months wondering what I was supposed to be doing with this website. People said that if I didn’t want to make so many CVs anymore, I basically had two solutions – which were either raising the prices or employing other people to make the CVs for me.

But you know what – I watched so many businesses, blogs and breakfast cornflakes becoming fake as hell, and I don’t want to end up like that. I don’t want to put clients on a waiting list, I don’t want to raise the prices so only daddy’s boys can afford the services, I don’t want to re-direct people to a damn opt-in form, exchange their email addresses for a ridiculous 4-page ebook or get them into a bloody funnel and bombard their mailboxes with messages stating that the Black Friday sale ends at midnight.

I want you to forget me until you receive my newsletter randomly sent out only when I’m inspired, I want you to be here because you like what you see, not because I use tricks and cheats to make you like me. It sounds melliferous – I know, but what you see is what you get.

Today, my little inner voice tells me that I need to take a break from CV writing to focus on the one thing (along with Nutella) that has never fed me up in life – and the thing I want the most now is turning this crumbling and slow website into the best online career magazine ever, offering better content, better celebrity interview, better guest bloggers.

I’m screwing the female multitasking myth by giving something up.

There is this guy whom I haven’t spoken to for months now who is good at making money out of any internet projects. He’s the kind of individual that reads your stuff from Transylvania through incognito sessions and then pretends he hasn’t read anything. I can perfectly picture him now, shaking his (dick)head and stating that this is a very bad move from me because it won’t immediately convert the website into money.

I cannot really afford not to care, but I don’t care that I cannot afford not to care and – just for your reference – no, I won’t monetise the magazine by filling it with floating banners and goldfish.

At the end of the day, it’s because I care that I stopped selling you stuff.

The joy of not being sold anything by Banksy

© Banksy

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    Sei una grande, way to go!! Keep up the good work, even if I barely have the time to read anything non baby-related these days I enjoy reading your posts when I receive the newsletter!
    And I remember those telephone cards lol

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