Why I quit selling CV writing services

I know it sounds fashion-bloggy, but when -I launched this website and the CV writing business that was attached to it back in 2015, I could have never predicted that so many people would trust my advice for their careers.
By the beginning of 2018, I  reached a point of no return with nearly 10 requests per week and was forced to consider whether getting full-time into career advice and CV writing.
Or not.

I always say that it’s not because you are good at doing something that you should be doing that particular thing – and maybe the time has come for me to follow my own advice. I did wonder for months what to do with this website, but if I didn’t want to make so many CVs anymore, I basically had two solutions – which were either raising the prices or employing other people to make the CVs for me.
But I’ve watched too many businesses, brands and blogs ending up light years away from their original purpose.

I don’t want to re-direct people to a damn opt-in form, exchange their email addresses for a ridiculous 4-page ebook or get them into a bloody funnel and bombard their mailboxes with messages stating that the Black Friday sale ends at midnight.
From today on, this website turns into an independent magazine that will get support through classical advertising, which means no occulted sponsored posts, no paid-for reviews, no tricks, no spam, no bullshit and definitely no floating banners.
Only companies who fully align with the values this website advocate deserve to appear in this space.
To survive this way is going to be a huge challenge.
But this is for our joy of not being sold anything.

The joy of not being sold anything by Banksy

© Banksy

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    Sei una grande, way to go!! Keep up the good work, even if I barely have the time to read anything non baby-related these days I enjoy reading your posts when I receive the newsletter!
    And I remember those telephone cards lol

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