Why it’s not Trump’s fault that Trump won

Somewhere on this website, it’s written that politically speaking I am where the heart is.
Which, nowadays, means absolutely nothing.
For me, it only means that I exactly know where my place is supposed to be; then, the trouble is that this place doesn’t really exist.

And even if it existed, it wouldn’t have Hillary Clinton’s face.

That’s for sure.

And now that Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential elections, everyone is focussing on the wrong things.

They rattle on the inaccurate exit polls, on Florida, on every and each Trump’s sexist comment since he was born.

They even talk about The Celebrity Apprentice he used to conduct.

They lecture you about the alleged low level of education of Trump’s voters; rather, they have decided that anyone voting for a man like that must be an ignorant sheep.

But you know what?

The difference between someone who knows where they place is supposed to be and someone who doesn’t and changes their political preferences every four years does NOT lie in their level of education.

History proves this wrong as you will always have extremely educated people holding ridiculously mistaken positions: just think about the Third Reich, when lots of physicians would stress the superiority of the Germanic “race”; and they had degrees in Medicine and all.

And now look at what happened when They Turned Brexit Into Bullshit: the universal suffrage was questioned, they said that the poorly educated people made the wrong decision for the wrong reasons, and now it’s their fault if Toblerone changed shape.

The more educated we are, the more we like to think that people holding what we consider to be a wrong position must necessarily be less educated than ourselves, and we question whether they should still deserve to vote.

We all focus on Trump’s bullshit, but no one is talking about the arrogant decision Democrats made to put forward an upper-class poker face who didn’t even have the temper to show up in the election night to make a decent statement – when nearly half America was waiting for a sign.

Would you have voted for a specimen like that?

What would have you done?

Abstention is the coward option and not a solution: if you don’t decide, someone else will decide for you.

Someone who, I agree, might not know where their place should be; someone who might be less educated than you, someone whose face you’d smash in – but still someone whose vote you must fully accept if you want to call yourself a democrat, or at least a democratic one.

When we finally got the universal suffrage ages ago, we were all illiterate, and we still fought for it, and if the upper class would protest, we’d say they were just a bunch of privileged bastards.

Don’t be one of them today.

Donald Trump

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